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Ride a Cock Horse

a musical rocking horse (for kids)
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it comes with an embedded mp3 player or some such and powered by the rocking action. the faster the kid rocks, the faster the music plays or the conclusion of the audio story is reached. alternatively at a faster pace, the music would grow louder.

I fear parents will hate it.

po, Feb 15 2007

Ride a Cock Horse - the nursery rhyme http://www.rhymes.o...de_a_cock_horse.htm
[po, Feb 15 2007]

These are musical but not apparently rock powered. http://www.rockinghorseusa.com/
[jhomrighaus, Feb 15 2007]

just a musical pony, not as high tech as yours. http://www.amazon.c...cking/dp/B0000DJ3FM
[xandram, Feb 16 2007]

Lady Godiva http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lady_Godiva
[Dub, Feb 17 2007]

Not content to find an image of the chair, here's the exact Reuge mechansim that I remember tearing off that chair to see how it worked http://mmd.foxtail....s/ReugeRocker5a.jpg
Originally, there was a nicely formed plastic, cream colored box enclosing the one I had. Now, if only I could harness that memory power to keep me from forgetting my dentist appointment tomorrow... [half, Feb 19 2007]

Too perfect. http://www.bbc.co.u...mes/rideacockhorse/
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Feb 20 2007]


       "and the Queen chose to mount the cock horse and ride"   

       This sounds most un-nursery rhyme-ish.   

       I suppose kids would love this but you are correct parents would despise it. I like the rock powered thing though, that way it doesnt need the batteries changed every other day.
jhomrighaus, Feb 15 2007

       A Faraday magnetic induction rocking horse...that's a rather brilliant idea. Good show, [po].
jurist, Feb 15 2007

       I would thik Hendrix's "Fire" would be a great song for this.
daseva, Feb 16 2007

       (Great, now I can't get the image of Lady po-diva out of my mind)
Dub, Feb 17 2007

       that's enough to put anyone off.
po, Feb 18 2007

       It's clear that you don't have children.
nuclear hobo, Feb 18 2007

       who me?
po, Feb 18 2007

       Give this to my child and I'll hate you forever. Or the horse. Or both.
wagster, Feb 18 2007

       its in the post, waggy.
po, Feb 18 2007

       When I was a kid, we had a little wooden rocking chair that made music as you rocked. There was a music box attached to one of the rockers. A rod extended toward the floor beyond the bottom edge of the rocker. As that point of the rocker moved closer to the floor and then farther away, the rod would be pressed into the music box in such a way as to power the mechanism. Thus, music played when you rocked. Faster rocking made for a faster tune. I believe the tune was "Rock-a-bye, Baby" (link)
half, Feb 19 2007

       hardly an ipod, half.   

po, Feb 20 2007

       This reminds me;   

       I used to ride my big pink stuffed dog, named "Pepsi", to the theme song from Bonanza.   

       Every Sunday night, I drug poor old Pepsi down to the living room, mounted her, and then began the ritual.   

       I would go faster and faster near the end of the tune, building to a grand crescendo, and I could hear the wind blowing past me, and the smell of the Earth below...   

       Oh Hoss, Lil' Joe, Adam where are you now, I cry?   

       (And po, half of an ipod would be ip, but more interesting still, is that 3/4 of one would be i po.)
blissmiss, Feb 20 2007

       you are funny, blissy.
po, Feb 20 2007


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