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seethrough rainstick
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Filled with coloured beads. Turn and listen to the rain and watch the little balls hop around.

Would be beautifull art object, sorry, object d'art.

zeno, Feb 14 2006

my inspiration RainBeanbag
[zeno, Feb 14 2006]

rainstick http://yellowbellmu...ssion/rainstick.php
[po, Feb 14 2006]

Baked, sorry http://store.drumbum.com/skuPRC-49.html
[dbmag9, Feb 14 2006]


       Sorry, couldn't find the category for Just Another Art Work I Would Like To Do Sometime.
zeno, Feb 14 2006

       //object d'art// sp. "objet d'art" - invented by someone French.
sp "beautiful"
coprocephalous, Feb 14 2006

       nice [zeno] I cannot believe that these don't exist.   

       after seeing the link, perhaps this should merely be an anno on that one!?
po, Feb 14 2006

       Sorry, this already exists. It is fun trying to get the balls into the last section (they try and avoid the hole when you get down to the last few).
dbmag9, Feb 14 2006


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