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Data Transfer Via Monks

ip over monks carrier rfc
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There exist IP over avian carrier

Why not by monks? Because in the past, that's how we transfer data, by monks copying from one papyrus paper to another.

Plus because they are monks, you can be sure they will take care to transcribing every letter as if it was the word of god itself.


Idea inspired from: CXgamer in reddit

mofosyne, Jul 17 2014

CXgamer's statement in reddit http://www.reddit.c...n_the_world/cizdhsc
"Like very fact that you're reading this is a marvel of automation, as opposed to you reading this on a piece of papyrus paper written on by a monk over the course of a month." [mofosyne, Jul 17 2014]

Bhutanese monk encryption Bhutanese_20prayer-wheel_20encryption
...does what is says on the prayer wheel... [not_morrison_rm, Jul 18 2014]


       It would have a frustrating refresh rate, and the serifs and all the embellishments might make troubleshooting the code a bit of a challenge.
normzone, Jul 17 2014

       Serifs [+]
Voice, Jul 17 2014

       Why not give the monks an infinite number of typewriters?
MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 17 2014

       I can supply the encryption...linky
not_morrison_rm, Jul 18 2014

       + I like it.
xandram, Jul 18 2014


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