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Day-cot Cafe

Complete Refreshment
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Americans Urban Professionals don't take naps, but they should.

Provide a clean and tranquil environment in cities where people can pop in grab a sandwich, a beverage and take a quick nap.

Gusbus, Sep 21 2005

Metronaps http://www.metronaps.com/
Nap on tap. [wagster, Sep 21 2005]

Yuppie Hot'nCot Center http://www.facinghi...58400C?OpenDocument
[jurist, Sep 21 2005, last modified Sep 22 2005]


       Siesta advocacy? - I agree.
Shz, Sep 21 2005

       Happily this has been baked in New York (link), though they don't mention drinks or sarnies. Hopefully it will spread to London soon.
wagster, Sep 21 2005

       Hmmm... Can't put my finger on it, but there's something half-sinister, half-kinky about those metronap things...
Just give me an overstuffed armchair and a gin to cradle, and I'll see you later...
moomintroll, Sep 23 2005


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