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nap rooms

pay nap rooms in all public buildings
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All public buildings should be equipped with nap rooms. For a nominal fee per half hour, you could commandeer a napping space, blanket and pillow.

(An interesting side venture would be teddybear rentals outside the nap rooms.)

When I was an off-campus university student, many was the day that I found myself yearning for a room in res so I could nap between classes. With nap rooms in place, you'd never have to stand in line in a government office again. And rather than becoming irritable at the time spent waiting, people could become rested and content! It would make the world a happier place!

If it worked in the public sector, nap rooms could be extended to private offices - the doctor's office, the bank, etc. Imagine - you could leave your children (attended, of course) in the nap room while you did your groceries! Or, you could let *them* get your groceries while *you* took a nap!

Nap rooms. You know you want them.

spyncycl, Feb 28 2002


       Disposable sheets?
thumbwax, Feb 28 2002

       People will use them for sex.
waugsqueke, Feb 28 2002

       waugs - you typed that as if it were a bad thing.
quarterbaker, Feb 28 2002

       //'When I was an off-campus university student, many was the day that I found myself yearning for a room in res so I could nap between classes.'//
Why not just nap *in* class like the rest of them?
angel, Mar 01 2002

       Yes, [Rods], that would be *so* much simpler.
angel, Mar 01 2002

       At the height of the dot.com madness, we had a client who had just a room in their offices. No mobile phones or talking allowed, and big bean bags all over the floor.
mcscotland, Mar 01 2002

       Living in your office is not a new idea - perhaps not entirely wise (I knew of a guy who was found to have been living in his lab for three months - he got scurvy, not from the lab, just from working all the days and half the nights and never eating properly). And I read in a magazine about a woman whose publisher let her live and work in their offices, to get her book finished - she had a massive drug problem too. So, really, with nap rooms you are just trying to make an existing habit civilised. Nice thought, but it's never going to take off.
sappho, Mar 01 2002

       When I was at British Airwyas, they discovered that a guy had been living in the office for 3 months, after a walking out on his wife. He ate in the canteen, used the gym changing room and showers, and slept in his sleeping bag on a camp mat under one of the desks. Security eventually found him...
And back opn subject, I think nap rooms are a great idea. You might have to have a way of taking part of your annual holiday as 'nap' time though, in half hour chunks, for those people who are carefully time managed. Or else, those of us who don't smoke could just point out that we are just being as productive as those members of staff who do, and take three or four 'fag breaks' a day...
goff, Mar 01 2002

       Fabulous idea! Knowing my luck I'll only ever find nap rooms full of snorers. So if you were in a queue and went off to nap would they wake you when it's your turn?
Shirleen, Mar 24 2005


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