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Monitor Cushion

Nighty Night hmmm
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Do you often find that on staggering to the coffee machine after a heavy night out on the alcopops, that your co-workers are once again staring at your forehead and sniggering to themselves. Ever taken the trouble to wonder why? Well it's because you have the mirror image of the word 'sony' pressed onto your cold sweaty forehead.
Avoid this embarresment by affixing a small pillow to your screen, just above the display area. Optional, easy to attach drool catcher, sold seperately.
nichpo, Sep 03 2003

PC pillow http://www.halfbake.../PC_20Pillow_20Talk
[po, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]

inflatable keyboard pillow http://www.halfbake...20keyboard_20pillow
Alternate solution by [xyg], for those who sit further back from the monitor. [krelnik, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       I don't understand how the SONY got there. You've been to the pub right? Anyway, if you fell asleep and hit your screen (whether telly or PC), you're sitting too close. Did no one ever tell you that's bad for your eyes. AND it wouldn't say SONY anyway. It would say YNOS.   

       <anecdote> When I worked in a press office, I fell asleep at my desk on my first day. Suprisingly, none of my collegues minded but suspiciously all found me lots of little jobs to do that involved meeting other people (I usually sat in the stationary cupboard). After about 3 hours of walking around the building being grinned at by everyone and thinking "what a friendly bunch" I saw my reflection. I had, quite literally, a head line emblazoned across my forehead in mirror writing from falling asleep on a newspaper. <here endeth the anecdote>   

       Moral: Always coat your head with vaseline on the first day of a new job. It will prevent widespread mirth at your expense.
squeak, Sep 03 2003

       um [squeak] that's why I said mirror image. And I sit close to my screen for the sole purpose of spontaneous 'power napping'. I do like your anecdote though. And daily coating ones head with vaseline sounds like a generally sound idea as a preventative measure for all kinds of unpredictable and potentially embarrasing situations.
nichpo, Sep 03 2003

       Aahh! I do apologise, my dear [nichpo]. I must have missed that bit. When you say *power napping*, should I read narcolepsy?   

       Still and all. Workplace+snoozing = pastry.   

       And yes, over the years my vaseline coating has served me well.
squeak, Sep 03 2003


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