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Workplace Hideout

A camouflaged place where you can get some rest at work.
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I often wish that I could just hide somewhere at the office for a little bit. My 15-minute company crap just does not seem to do it for me (too many other crappers).

What I thought would work is a large fabric picture of the area beneath my desk. I would hang this picture from the edge of the desk, thus concealing what is truely underneath there - ME! It would simply look like under the desk was empty as usual. I could curl up for a nap when things were slow - and nobody would be the wiser. I could have a pillow and mattress under there and nobody would ever know!

trekbody, Oct 28 2004

WSJ: Office Napping Retreats To the Corporate Closet http://www.careerjo...024-workfamily.html
Faddish in 2001, by 2003 napping has fallen out of favor. Workers who want to nap do tend to hide under their desks. [jutta, Nov 08 2004]


       Wasn't this done on Seinfeld?
Guncrazy, Oct 28 2004

hippo, Oct 28 2004

trekbody, Oct 28 2004

       Just out of curiosity, how big *is* your desk that you can fit a mattress under it? Must get myself one of those.
Machiavelli, Oct 28 2004

       I was figuring a camping mattress - and when I say "desk" I mean the kind that is really a counter that encloses you in your cube-like office space.
trekbody, Oct 28 2004

Machiavelli, Oct 28 2004

       Or you could work somewhere where no one really cared that you take naps.
bristolz, Oct 28 2004

       You mean, the mexican government [bris]??
Pericles, Oct 28 2004

       Who looks under desks? The snoring is the real problem.
ldischler, Oct 28 2004

       In Grim Fandango (old-ish adventure game along the same lines as the Monkey Island series. Made by LucasArts, too.) Your character has a robe storage space disguised as a stack of filing cabinets. It could easily be adapted to this idea, although you'd have to find something more compact than a camp cot. Perhaps a coffin-like lining.
nick_n_uit, Oct 29 2004

       I have found a good place inside the airconditioning ducts in the building's plant room. The hot air ducts for winter and the cold air ones for summer. Sleeping in a breeze...
Captain_Ignorant, Oct 29 2004

       Yes, this was previously halfbaked on "Seinfeld" in the episode entitled "The Nap", first aired April 10, 1997.
krelnik, Oct 29 2004

       Krelnik, wasn't that cool, that thing we saw on TV? Wouldn't it be nice if that were real/if I could get away with it/if I could get paid for sleeping? [marked–for–deletion]
contracts, Oct 29 2004

       I think this idea goes beyond just saying "wish I could get paid for sleeping" into a specific proposal for a camouflage mechanism.   

       Maybe I just fell for a fad, but I thought it was generally accepted that a short nap after lunch can make people easily more productive than they'd be without. (That's certainly true for me.)   

       [Mhh, Grim Fandango. Great looking game.]
jutta, Nov 08 2004

       I had a nap at the back of a conference last week. I lay down on the floor behind the sound desk and took forty winks (well, several hundred really).
wagster, Nov 08 2004

       Wow - maybe a better idea would be to hide in plain sight. Imagine a costume that looked like a large leather chair. When you sat down in it (for a snooze) nobody would notice you, you would just look like office furniture. It could even have some generic documents on the front of it so nobody would sit down on you.
trekbody, Nov 15 2004

       There's a Stephen King Sherlock Holmes themed story which he wrote as if he were Arthur Conan Doyle wherein the murderer hid behind a painting of the space underneath the coffee table...
submitinkmonkey, Mar 08 2005

       So you want to go back to kindergarten, with a nap after lunch? Don't we all...   

       Plus there are these people who are being paid to stay in bed for three months while scientists monitor muscles, etc, as that was as close as they could get to being in outer space without paying millions of pounds/dollars.
froglet, Mar 08 2005

       camo wouldn't work. passers-by are close enough to see it's not 3D.   

       what we need are 3D file-cabinet facades, with a small canvas cot behind it.
sophocles, Mar 09 2005


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