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Really big god damn dehumidifiers.
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Don't you hate it, in the middle days of summer when you're working on your garden and some old guy walks up and tells you that it's "not the heat but the humidity".

Wouldn't you love to say, "No Mr. Old Guy, it's not the humidity, because the city's ten new De-huge-midifiers are sucking all the god damn water vapour out of the atmosphere!"

But you wouldn't be complaining, because all that condensed atmospheric water has increased the daily treated water output by thousands of gallons; so you have more water for your precious garden, and useless lawn.

The De-huge-midifiers would be ridiculously large superstructures entirely devoted to sucking in air and removing the water. I suppose they could also remove pollutants in the process, to reduce smog. But then again, why cover up the problem like that?

cuckoointherye, Jan 27 2005


       These should be COAL POWERED.
calum, Jan 28 2005

       Dehumidifiers are 30% effishient.
Each kilogram of water takes 2.5 MJ to condence
Each gallon of water weighs 4 kilograms.

       Therfor, each gallon of water takes 23 MJ to extract... 6.5 KWH... .38-.80 $.   

       So it takes 2-20$ of water to water your garden. Mmmm... No thanks. That's 30-150 lbs (or mabe kg, but I forget) of coal.   

       30-150? OMG! That's a _lot_of air pollution!
my-nep, Jan 28 2005

       I'm boning this idea, just on the basis that I thought a De-huge-midifier was going to be a device to take something huge and make it midi-sized...
kmlabs, Jan 28 2005

       Yeah but they are solar powered... and there are hockey rinks inside of them... and there are wind turbine generators strategically placed... and it utilizes a greatly more efficient system of dehumidificaiton... and they are huge, come on, they're huge!
cuckoointherye, Jan 28 2005

       So, they'r solar powered... how many kilometer^2 is that?   

       23MJ/(60*60) = 6500 J * hour
6500JH/24H = 230 Watts
230 = ~1 meter^2 average sunfall
= 10 meters^2 of PV panels/daily gallon

       Any one know how much moisture is in the air?
my-nep, Jan 28 2005

       on a really humid day anywhere around 2-4% of air volume is water vapour.
cuckoointherye, Jan 28 2005

       I've got the opposite problem. When the humidity drops too low, it's hazardous to the health of electronic components due to increased electrostatic discharge potential. We run humidifiers at my workplace on those days.
normzone, Jan 28 2005

       water vapor: 1/2 the denisity of air. Air pressure = 14 Psi. 1% of mass is water (averaging differnet atmospheric strata). .14 psi of water = 4 inches. Size of city: 20 km. That's 400 km^2.   

       Hmm... 10 BILLION gallons. That's 100 billion M^2 of PV cells. Or, 100km*100km.   

       Well, if it was 100% effishient (that is, if I was Pamela Anderson) you'd "only" need 100km*30km.
my-nep, Jan 29 2005

       BEST IDEA, EVER.   

       I always want to slap people that tell me it's not the heat but the humidity.   

photojunkie, Jan 30 2005

       I think bones are energy negitive when you burn them...whole carcasses, however are a different matter.
my-nep, Jan 30 2005

       this isn't a dehumanifier
cuckoointherye, Jan 30 2005

       Since when have we worried about practicalities of size here?
RayfordSteele, Jan 30 2005


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