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De Selby's Final Suit Pocket

a timeless tale of quantum speculation and tailoring, from the bog lands of rural Ireland
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"Ah Mr De Selby, it's yourself. Is it about the bicycle?"
The shopkeeper's voice elevated hopefully.

"It's not this time. In fact I've come to collect my new suit."

"It's a fine piece of work, you'll agree, though we did have a wheen o' trouble with thon pocket. De ye biz sure that yee'll be wanten it left like that, only it seems a very hard thing to use?"
(see Ulster/Scots Ullens language)

Instead of the breast pocket, there was a perfect replica of the original suit jacket, only reduced in size to that of the dimensions of a pocket. Looking closely at this tiny suit, using a magnifying glass would reveal that where its pocket should have been there was yet another microscopic jacket. Each suit jacket regressed in size until a feeling that was a mixture of wonder and panic would slowly begin to engulf the viewer.

"As you requested Mr De Selby, only the Ultimate suit jacket has a usable pocket, but seeing as to how it's not visible, even under a strong microscope..... " His voice tailed off in quizzical speculation.

"It looks perfect to me. I have plenty of items for which only that pocket will do" Without further conversation, the venerable De Selby deftly stepped into the welcoming confines of the new tweed jacket. He then proceeded to remove a number of items so small as to be totally invisible, from between two sheets of carefully folded paper and place them one by one, using a set of pin pointed tweezers, into a spot on the front of the suit, corresponding to where one would have expected to see the final pocket.

xenzag, Apr 26 2009

De Selby http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/De_Selby
for anyone who still does not know. [xenzag, Apr 26 2009]

Ulster/Scots http://www.ulstersc...nounsandnumbers.asp
larne the lingo or shut up yer bake! [xenzag, Apr 26 2009]

The Droste Effect http://blog.wolfram...t-with-mathematica/
A nice example. [DrBob, Apr 28 2009]


       I'm putting this idea up now by way of a sort of celebration of my time at the halfbakery, and dedicating it to all who look for ridiculous answers to foolish questions.
xenzag, Apr 26 2009

       Not leaving! Just posting 500th idea.
xenzag, Apr 26 2009

       Quite right [IT], quality not quantity! Sometimes I don't say anything for months at a time.   

       In other news, holy crap [xenzag]! I went to check, got as far as K and got bored. Congratulations indeed!
moomintroll, Apr 28 2009

       Isn't 500 ideas the point where your Halfbakery End-User Licence Agreement says you start sharing Jutta's hosting costs?
hippo, Apr 28 2009

       Apparently the name for this phenomena is the Droste Effect (linky).

<Checks out xenzag's profile page>

That's a depressingly high croissant:idea ratio you have there xenzag!
DrBob, Apr 28 2009

       You're quite right about the Droste Effect.... ashes to ashes, Droste to Droste.
xenzag, Apr 28 2009

       I'll second that crumb.
blissmiss, Apr 28 2009

       Who's crumb?
skinflaps, Apr 28 2009

       The little bitty one that [bigsleep] handed out of course. Why were you missing one?
blissmiss, Apr 28 2009

       Apologies,I was adjusting my breast pouchlike receptacle.
skinflaps, Apr 29 2009

       "What has it got in its pocketses?"   

       The scary thing is that within those five hundred ideas are a couple of fishbones, indicating that [xen] isn't simply deleting all his less-than-well-received-ideas.   

       Congratulations - wish I had time to read them all.
wagster, Apr 29 2009

       I used to know a guy at college who, when out at a club, would ask every girl he could find if they would be so kind as to sleep with him (in not so polite a manner) - straight off the bat.   

       Of course, most of the time he got a slap in the face, or a drink down his chest, but just by sheer weight in numbers, once in every 100 or so, he'd come across a desperate, newly-dumped, probably quite ugly girl who was just about to walk home and cry when up he comes like a knight in a shining Ben Sherman shirt.   


       As to the idea, I've drawn a picture of a man patting himself on the back whilst wearing a t-shirt of a man patting himself on the back whilst wearing a t-shirt of a man patting himself on the back... ad nauseam.   

       Unfortunately it's too mind-boggling to upload to the internet so you'll just have to take my word for it.
theleopard, Apr 29 2009


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