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Expressive shirts

Change the message on your shirt anytime
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Below you will find information about a patent-pending functional shirt design. According to my ifnormal market-research, it might have broad appeal.

If you are interested in manufacturing and distributing it please contact me at 520 481 1919 (Tucson, Arizona)

Peace, Edip Yuksel


Poster pocket shirt


A shirt having one or two large transparent pockets designed to hold standard printer papers so that the messages and pictures on the paper can be seen from outside; the pocket depending on the front or back panel of the shirt and being closable by a fastener. This invention is about self-expression which is a fundamental right of individuals and groups in open societies.


This invention generally relates to garments such as shirts, t-shirts, and jackets. More specifically, it relates to various-sizes of transparent pockets.

A main object of this invention is to provide a garment having one or two pockets that hold papers or other printable materials ranging from index cards to various sizes of printer papers such as letter, legal, executive, A4, A5.

This invention will give individuals more flexibility to change the message on their shirts and other garments at any time. The same shirt can be used to display unlimited numbers of messages by simply changing or flipping the paper inside the transparent pocket.

Adding transparent pockets to garments will enable individual to display variable handwritten or printed messages, such as colors, letters, words or pictures, to communicate ideas related to commerce, politics, sports, religion, philosophy, person, entertainment, identification, notification, or any other purpose.

The transparency of the pocket is achieved by using, plastic, tulle or transparent fabric made of polyester, rayon, silk, acetate, or any other transparent material.

The transparent fabric will be stitched on the three sides of the periphery on front and/or back panel of the shirt.

The open side of the transparent fabric, preferably the top side, will contain a fastener, a button, a velcro or the like, to keep the transparent fabric close to the inserted article so that the message it contains can be easily seen trough.

The transparent pocket could stretch to hold a letter size paper together in a plastic paper protection sheet.

While, the novelty of this invention is to give more control to individuals to utilize their garments to express themselves at any time in any way they wish, pre-printed papers or fabrics could be provided as alternative insertions for the transparent pocket.

While several novel features of this invention have been described, it is evident that various omissions, substitutions and amendments in the forms, materials, use, and details of the device and its operation can be made by designers and manufacturers within the objectives of the invention, that is, replacing permanent screening with portable papers or fabrics to communicate numerous messages using a single shirt or t-shirt.

yuksel, Apr 25 2004


       Please, no ads.
waugsqueke, Apr 25 2004

       Rather than buy your shirt I will buy myself 2 safety pins and print out the message I want to display.   

       The only benefit I can see in your idea is in pockets for waterproofs to keep the print dry.
afrocelt, Apr 25 2004

       I think the point of t-shirts in general and those with clever sayings specifically is so that you have a large, disposable supply of apparel on hand that can be worn for working on your car, playing with the dog, writing long, meandering, pointless run-on sentences, etc. without the need for laundering or, in fact, even thinking about your shirt at all.
justaguy, Apr 25 2004

       //ifnormal// ?
po, Apr 26 2004


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