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External Magnetic Pockets

Keep rare earth magnets in your pockets...
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...and keep your change stuck to the outside of your pants or shirt.

Peel off some quarters and buy a coffee, and just slap your change back on your pants when done.

Giblet, Feb 05 2006

Magnetic pennies http://www.24carat....agneticpennies.html
There are some UK coins that are made of steel and can be magnetized. [jutta, Feb 05 2006]

Magnetic US coins http://www.fatbrain...ts/magnet_coins.cfm
Teaching material. I don't think you'll be able to use them to buy groceries! [jutta, Feb 05 2006]


       Cute. Sadly, most US coins (including quarters) aren't magnetizable.
jutta, Feb 05 2006

       Also, most people also keep things such as credit cards in their normal pockets. And this would make it very easy for pickpocketers. Either peel the coins off people, or get a stronger magnet and steal their money as you brush past them.
dbmag9, Feb 05 2006

       All my money sticks, must be cuz I'm Canadian.   

       By putting the hockey puck sized 400lb strength magnet in your pocket, nobody including you could get your money.
Giblet, Feb 05 2006

       D'oh! Sorry for that bit of US-centricity there.
jutta, Feb 05 2006


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