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Death Row Inmate Derby

Place Death Row inmates in highly flammable cars and let the games begin!
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The game is played like this: Take 6 death row inmates, put them in unsafe cars like, say, '79 Pintos, drench the cars in gasoline, and require them to ram one another at high speeds. Last one left alive and not burned beyond recognition gets to return next week to defend his "title". Televise it on CBS.
shawnndan, Apr 18 2001

Car Wars http://www.sjgames.com/car-wars/
A gladiatorial car combat game that comes complete with ramming, petrol cars (in a expansion) and flame throwers. [Aristotle, Apr 18 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       Why only six?
redpony, Apr 18 2001

       Would this be before or after appeal?
st3f, Apr 18 2001

       I've heard of the Angola (Louisiana) prison rodeo, but here's the thing: Those prisoners aren't slated for death, nor are any of them ever killed. And those who participate in the rodeo and win are allowed to win money. In my concept, their only prize is to be allowed to live to compete again. This of course would take place after their appeals process has run out. The reason I said six is because using more than that would deplete the death row inmate population pretty quick, and the show would quickly run out of contestants. Actually four would be even better.
shawnndan, Apr 18 2001

       "Running Man" much?
centauri, Apr 18 2001

       Thanks for the reminder Aristotle. I haven't had Car Wars out of the cupboard for a long time. I feel a weekend of motorised mayhem coming on. Oh! and before I forget. shawnndan, this is a crap idea.
DrBob, Apr 18 2001


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