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Death by a thousand cuts

Better strimmer / grass trimmer
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The problem

Petrol strimmers never start after the first year. Mains electric strimmers only reach so far and the then cable runs out. Descent battery strimmers are heavy and the rechargable battery needs replacing every 3 or 4 years.

The solution

Ride-on-mower/compact tractor providing power for strimmers - ok... its only a solution for those of you who have space for one of these, but typically these mowers/tractors have starter batteries. The mower/tractor can get to nearly where you might want to strim (which is typically that bit of yard or garden just at the edge of where the mower/tractor can get to).


Connect a power cable from the mower/tractor to a suitable low voltage strimmer and you can strim wherever the combination can reach. The cable doesnt have to be long, 4 or 5m is enough, as after strimming that much its time for a nice break during which you can move the mower. Thick conductors (2mm sq or more) are good to keep the voltage drop to a minimum. Using that short a length has the advantages of keeping the cable power loss down and reducing tangle when back on the mower.

It all might sound a bit daft but I have actually built this (ripping the battery out of a dead 12v rechargable strimmer and wiring the strimmer into the ride-on-mower) and it certainly solves the 3 problems described above.

So I propose a strimmer for those of us who don't use a petrol strimmer enough to put up with the pain of maintaining it, and yet have a garden/yard too big for battery or mains powered devices.

RattyBunyip, Jun 26 2009


       ok, sounds like you have a lot of land to cut. I don't have the two problems you mention in the start. Petrol trimmers properly maintained can last years. ours has; and the battery lasting 3 to 4 years sounds like a good thing to me.
dentworth, Jun 26 2009

       Why not just use the tractor's PTO with a bowden cable?
TolpuddleSartre, Jun 26 2009

       I read this as "Death By a Thousand Cats". Don't understand the relationship between the title and the idea?
xenzag, Jun 26 2009

FlyingToaster, Jun 26 2009

       A [+] despite the confusing title.
swimswim, Jun 26 2009

       // "Death By a Thousand Cats" //   

       The Horror, The Horror ......
8th of 7, Jun 26 2009

       Waiting for [8th]'s take-of, "death OF a thousand cats".
Custardguts, Jun 29 2009

       I have the makings of one in my shed, soon to be assembled. A small ride-on (non electric start) with a 1KW, 240V generator bodged on and belt driven from the engine.   

       Originally required to operate a strimmer as you describe, but clearly a self-propelled portable generator has many applications.   

       Bun for a good idea, but not original. Electric PTO's have ben around for years - the cigar lighter socket in your car for example.
Twizz, Jul 01 2009

       "Death by a thousand cuts" was meant to refer to the effect of striming and the thousand cutting remarks I was expecting to my idea. Many thanks for the positive responses so far. [TolpuddleSartre,] I wish I had a PTO [21 Quest,] I didn’t say it was entirely 'safe' :-) Your suggested method of operation would be better - but I don't have the luxury of another driver. [Trizz] Sure you could stick some form of 110/240v on the mower/tractor/atv, I think it still comes under the general idea of short power cable to vehicle rather than the previous methods. I will name you as co-inventor for the patent Claim which covers use of mains powered devices.
RattyBunyip, Jul 03 2009

       but what are strimmers? (I'm here because of the random millionaire)   

       //Waiting for [8th]'s take-of, "death OF a thousand cats". — Custardguts, Jun 29 2009   

       //I have the makings of one in my shed, soon to be assembled.... — Twizz, Jul 01 2009
pashute, Aug 21 2013


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