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Garden Dustpan

Garden Dustpan
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As I was raking the lawn yesterday and picking up the piles by hand by pressing them against the rake, I realized that it would be rather helpful to have an enormous dustpan to rake the leaves into so I could tranfer them to the wheel barrow. Raking is not much different then sweeping, so why aren't these already prevolent? I have used large pieces of cardboard and such in the past but why not have a well designed sturdy enourmous leaf and garden depris pan?
Rusty, Apr 09 2001

(?) Baked. http://www.gardenre...s/product_45377.asp
The pick-up rake has a top attachment that works like another hand to hold them. [StarChaser, Apr 09 2001]

(?) ProSweep http://www.worldwid...e.com/ProSweep.html
Finally... A dustpan for the garden! [ProSweep, Apr 09 2001]

No dustpan ? https://www.youtube...watch?v=do1w7Dtzdm4
Makes your wheelbarrow the dustpan. [popbottle, Jan 01 2016]


       i made one out of cardboard and duct tape a while ago
AlexTheGreat, Aug 31 2006

       There are enormous dustpans out there. And sculpture of one as big as a garage.
popbottle, Jan 01 2016


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