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Delivery Service

airport security banned items
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Recently while traveling, I had to leave my pocket knife. Since I've already checked in my bags I couldn't put them in there so they were lost to me. What if there was an airport service where you could either mail these things to your destination or perhaps your home so they would arrive when you returned or hold them for you. I know many people have small personal items which many not have much monetary value but they could have sentimental value, and would like to keep them.


ddn, Feb 20 2005

(??) known to exist http://www.ktvu.com...4199746/detail.html
[FarmerJohn, Feb 20 2005]

(?) Current solution http://www.reviewjo.../news/23065384.html
[Worldgineer, Feb 24 2005]

Checkpoint Mailers http://www.springwi...che_parcel_service/
New airport mail-back kiosk business opened to provide this precise niche parcel service. [jurist, Mar 20 2006]


       A little booth near the security area?   

       This makes a lot of sense. +
bristolz, Feb 20 2005

       Trials and tribs of the upwardly mobile.
mensmaximus, Feb 20 2005

       look pal I don't care who you are, my grandmother gave me this chainsaw - and it stays with me.
benfrost, Feb 20 2005

       already exists. how bout a slight alteration - a double-sided store, where you take the item and money for delivery on one side, have a little pawn-shop on the other, where you turn around and sell the item. double profit, and few passengers will fly back to the country of origin to get mad at you;)
Sp@rkp|ug, Feb 20 2005

       The problem is not just losing your item (knife, chainsaw, can of cesium) but being arrested for it. It is a felony to try to bring a 'weapon' (i.e. tweezers, according airport security) onto a plane, so you still need remember that you are carrying your heirloom machete before you enter security, or you might end up staying a while. This delivery system will only give you a little longer to realize you are carrying a banned item and get rid of it, once you go through security, I’m pretty sure they’ll confiscate it, even if you don’t get arrested.
brodie, Feb 22 2005

       How can you argue with a man who has a chainsaw?   

       '...I'm sorry sir, but you can't take the <whirrrrrr>...'   

       'Put the <whirrrrrrrr>....'   

       Hasn't anyone seen the Texas Chainsaw Massacre?
froglet, Feb 23 2005

       I've seen this.
-----, Feb 24 2005

       Your pocket knife was lost to you? Under international airport laws this is theft. Your knife can not be taken from you. They are obligated to send it to your destination airport. It is a standard procedure all over the world.   

       -The fishbowl moves-
zeno, Feb 24 2005

       a single snowflake lightly lands on grey pavement stillness radiates
Blumster, Feb 24 2005

       // They are obligated to send it to your destination airport. //   

       Ha! If that's the case, it's never enforced (see link). Generally I've waited in the security line for half an hour, and am told to go back to luggage check in (and it's hour line) and check it in. They certainly won't hold my plane for me if I do this, so whatever tool I've brought that they don't allow (which was fine in the other 5 airports I'd gone through) goes into their trash can next to the gate.</rant>
Worldgineer, Feb 24 2005

       Oh yeah, y'all should be careful about taking tweezers on the plane with you. I once killed a man with those things--*while* they were still in my makeup bag! Yep, dangerous things, tweezers.
Machiavelli, Feb 24 2005

       A cool breeze: autumn leaf
not_only_but_also, Feb 24 2005

       'I could kill someone with that tube of glue, ya know, like paste them to the walls, and leave 'em there. Or paste them to death, that's a real problem these days, ya know?'   

       Do the metal detector test show up cans of cesium? I would just lurve to know...
froglet, Feb 25 2005

       I still think of my favourite adjustable spanner.
wagster, Feb 25 2005

       cool breeze, nice sun. nice sun, autumn leaf, shadows...
Sp@rkp|ug, Feb 26 2005

       I would like to be able to bun annotations. Blumster, it is beautifull.   

       Judging by the other anno's I allmost feel there is some point of a joke I'm missing, I'm puzzled and confused but in a way that is positive. It is not a nagging feeling or a haunting feeling but thesee words strangely discribe how I feel about your anno, if naggin and haunting can have positive connotations.   

       Thank you Blumster.
zeno, Feb 26 2005

       With this service I wouldn't have to lose that lovely nail clipper I had since childhood. Damn QUANTAS! [+]
Pericles, Feb 26 2005

       There's no 'U' in QANTAS.
Detly, Feb 27 2005

       There's no 'Q' in ANTS.
FarmerJohn, Feb 27 2005

       there soon will be no devil in Tasmania
po, Feb 27 2005

       There's no 'F' in Ansett.
Detly, Feb 27 2005

       My dad got stuck in Europe coz of Ansett. I wonder what they do with all the stuff like penknives, etc that they nick off people? Sell them on Ebay? Give them to deserving cabin crew members? Sell them to the Mafia?
froglet, Mar 01 2005

       Airports in California sell them on e-bay (see my link). I've just been informed that the Seattle airport now has a box installed where you can place such items in an envelope and mail to yourself - for $25 per pound.
Worldgineer, Mar 01 2005


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