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Liquor delivery service

Beat the rules …
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Many jurisdictions do not allow alcoholic drinks to be delivered, especially "out of hours".

However, this can be circumvented.

The customer needs to register with the local franchise and (this is the important part) pays for a notional number of items which the outlet intentionally keeps minimal stock of.

The registration agreement states that the outlet will deliver the customer's property, or an acceptable substitiute, on request.

The customer contacts the outlet during its hours of operation (possibly 24/7), gives their reference number and says "please deliver my order".

They are informed that the store is actually out of stock of that item, and are there any acceptable substitutes ?

This is then picked and delivered.

Importantly, the transaction has already taken place; payment in full has been made and the goods are already legally the property of the customer. All the outlet is doing is delivering it.

Of course, the customer can request a refund at any time.

Seems watertight …

8th of 7, Sep 02 2013

Sham transaction http://www.law.corn...ex/sham_transaction
[Voice, Sep 02 2013]

Vendor inventory http://en.wikipedia...r-managed_inventory
Although usually stored with end user, this is not a pre-requisite for the system [4whom, Sep 03 2013]


Voice, Sep 02 2013

       [ ] Now all you have to do is convince the people that aren't organized enough to have enough beer in the fridge for the weekend, to pay in advance for a case of beer plus delivery.
FlyingToaster, Sep 02 2013

       I was just thinking similar (though far less elaborate) thoughts on this Sunday evening of a long weekend. Correction, it's actually Monday and clearly I need this service pronto.
the porpoise, Sep 02 2013

       //Seems watertight …//   

       Oh, come now, [8th]. Shirley you've realized by now that the two arms of government you simply cannot evade by means of shamduggery are the tax collector and the morality police.
ytk, Sep 02 2013

       There was one delivery company in the phonebook at one time that would deliver alcohol (cigarettes, convenience store items and fastfood) at anytime from a private stock they must have kept. It was an easy way to get booze and smokes before legal age, afterhours, and on holidays. If one can build a clientele through word of mouth without informing the police, I would consider it a pretty easy way to make a lot of money, by selling things at heavily inflated prices.
rcarty, Sep 02 2013

       A close relative delivered pizzas for a couple years and made big tips from a weekly card game. They ordered booze at the same time as the pizzas by asking to talk directly to the driver who would be coming out so he could get accurate directions to the house. After a time or two to develop trust it worked out very well.
cudgel, Sep 03 2013

       Vendor held stock, old as the hills.
4whom, Sep 03 2013


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