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Enhanced Brake Lights 2

Reverse High Beams
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Enhanced Brake Lights which shine extremely brightly backwards so you can blind the driver of the SUV behind you with his high beams on.
LunaCity, Jul 01 2000

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Maybe deafen him, too... [jutta, Jul 01 2000]

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       Well, if the huge SUV insists on using his ultra-high-powered xenon lights, fine. I'll go to a aircraft salvage place and buy one of their landing lights. Turn that sucker on, and the driver behind you will probably get sun burn or something...
lockle, Aug 14 2000

       I know someone who burned out the lighter in his car because he used to use a million-candlepower spotlight as a 'Back off, please' light...
StarChaser, Aug 15 2000

       The cigarette lighter couldn't power a million-candlepower spotlight? Lame... I've used one, and it doesn't draw *that* much current (it's comparable to a headlight).
egnor, Aug 15 2000

       It worked for several months, but finally had a meltdown...Worked really good for chasing people off his bumper, tho...<grin> Used to tease him about the burnmarks around the rear windshield...
StarChaser, Aug 18 2000

       I'm still waiting for the SUV head/brake lights that beam the words "I'M AN ASSHOLE" when they're on.
1percent, Mar 20 2001

       Gee, that's how I've always read them...
absterge, Mar 20 2001

       To solve your SUV problem:   

       A packet of black oil, with a solar panel on it. When the current from the solar panel reaches a critical level, a tiny hole is punctured in the packet, and the oil atomizes into a fine spray behind you, covering up those pesky headlights.   

       Oh yeah, only turn on the solar panel at night.
Wes, Mar 20 2001

       indeed, degroof! A array of corner cube arrays along the top of the back windshield would be perfect! I don't suppose you could find something similar with lower precision or better redirection, so as to ensure that most of the light gets directed back at the driver?
absterge, Mar 20 2001

       But a corner cube will only reflect light back at the headlights. I want the light back in their eyes.   

       Actually, I doubt most of these ideas are really legal. It just doesn't do to hamper the vision of other drivers, especially if they're behind you and driving a bigger car. I don't think it's the highbeams that are too bright, it's just higher height of the normal lights. The only time I really notice a problem is when the SUVer is in the right position to shine in my left sideview. That's a major problem, but only in that one position and I can either slow down, speed up, or change lanes to alleviate it. So can you. In a pinch, a hand in between you and the side view will do.
centauri, Mar 20 2001

       Most boom-car idiots do this manually. When they stop at a light, they roll down the windows so everybody can enjoy their low-budget crap...
StarChaser, Mar 22 2001

       I'm with centauri. When you're braking with an SUV following close behind, the _last_ thing you want to do is blind him!
ejs, May 21 2001

       Why not make it a seperate Prisonable offence to drive on someones rear bumper with your lights on full. Just lock the F*ckw*ts up...?   

       Simple really - caught once - instantly loose you licence and have you car crushed.   

       This could be applied to many offences.
CasaLoco, May 22 2001

       I've found it often works to simply adjust your rear-view mirror to shine back in the offending driver's face. Just don't forget to re-adjust your mirror as soon as the high-beam idiot backs off.
kwshaw1, Jan 28 2002

       I'd love to see an "in your face" dash mounted brake indicator to alert all those two footed drivers that they are riding the brake pedal, effectively keeping their brake lights on at all times. This totally nullifies having brake lights as there is no indication when they suddenly do brake! Idgits!
BigPicture, Jan 28 2002

       EVERY vehicle SHOULD have an indicator on the dash that lights with its brake lights to inform the DRIVER that his brake lights are, in fact, WORKING!   

       Can't tell you how MANY times I've informed motorists[ via PA ] that their's were NOT!   

       How does one know, with out an indicator?!   

       Maybe the driver who is "tailgating" you can't tell you're stopping because your brake lights ARE'NT informing him!!   

       Also, did you know, that the turn signal indicators on the dash of most older vehicles ONLY indicate that the FRONT turn signals are working! -- REAR signal may be burned out, therefore the A--H--- that passes you on the side you're turning to, MAY have had NO indication of your intentions!   

       Solution -- CHECK your signal lights [ brake & turn ] to be SURE they're WORKING! [and visible]
highwayman, Feb 24 2003


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