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Democratic HB TiVo Programming

The HalfBakery community dictates what my TiVo records (and I watch).
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Instead of using the system TiVo provides to select shows, rather, my TiVo recording choices are mediated by the community of halfbakers. I'm quite certain the choices would be to my liking, based on the sensibilities displayed by most halfbakers.

This, of course, would require some sort of mucking around on Jutta's part to pull it off. Also the TiVo folks might object. Also, I might not be able to get many of the overseas shows recommended (which would likely be what I'd want to see most). But . . . . there it is.
bristolz, Nov 03 2001

Sonic Blue's ReplayTV 4000 http://www.replay.com
"ReplayTV 4000 is the first and only networked Digital Video Recorder (DVR). With a DVR, you can record your favorite television programs onto a hard disk automatically, every time they're on." [bristolz, Dec 06 2001]

TiVo http://www.tivo.com/0.0.asp
[bristolz, Jul 06 2005]

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       What's TiVo?
Guy Fox, Nov 03 2001

       you might like to see "only fools and ponytail fasteners"
po, Nov 03 2001

       <too much information> Uh, purely to show why this is a really bad idea, my current favourite TV shows are:   

       US: Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Friends, Fanatics, Sabrina The Teenage Witch, Will & Grace, Clueless, Digimon, Bewitched; UK: Hollyoaks (Dawson's Creek for stupid people), Model Behaviour (Making the Band/Popstars with models), Never Mind The Buzzcocks (stupid sneering pop quiz), EastEnders, Pop Idol, Art Attack   

       If you've not heard of any of the shows on that list, I guarantee they're even trashier than the ones you have heard of. A lot of people the more time they spend on the web, the less TV they watch, and the more mindless escapism it tends to be (obviously not Buffy, which is great).   

       There actually seems a very small number of tv-inspired ideas on here, apart from Jamie Oliver, Big Brother/Survivor and Thunderbirds. None of which I necessarily recommend. </too much information>
pottedstu, Nov 03 2001

       Well, I didn't say it was a good idea--just a halfbaked one.
bristolz, Nov 04 2001

       Okay...what's TiVo?
mrkillboy, Nov 04 2001

       In my opinion the best TV programs always seem to be the ones no one else ever watches (so they always get cancelled after about 6 episodes). Surely TiVo could work out what no one else wants taped, and tape that for you.
pottedstu, Nov 05 2001

       Waugs, I was thinking of it as more like a recommendation engine, from which entire shows would be recorded. Ah well, I'll just have to think of something else.
bristolz, Nov 05 2001

       Such recommendation engines have been be used with Amazon but I suppose you could have the recommendations to suit groups, like us Halfbakers.   

       My viewing is fairly like those expressed by [pottedstu] although some of those programmes I do try to escape rather than watch. I am also an avid Buffy fan too. I would also add some extra UK programmes like: Breakfast with Frost, What the Romans/Victorians Did for Us and Points of View.
Aristotle, Nov 06 2001

       Baked. I already run your life (you just don't know it).
snarfyguy, Nov 06 2001

       Oh it's you! I've been wondering who has been running my life.
bristolz, Nov 07 2001

       Amazing! [Aristotle] and I agree on something!
angel, Nov 07 2001

       perhaps the half-bakers should decide what everybody else watches!
po, Nov 18 2001

       s/Oligarchy/Aristocracy/ surely?
pottedstu, Nov 21 2001

       Would it be possible to hook a phone line to the TiVo and send what you have recorded around the world, or at least to your neighbor? Also, would it be possible to fill up and then remove the harddrive and put it in a computer as a slave drive and watch your telly there? Don't know why you would want to, but just curious.
barnzenen, Dec 06 2001

       //Would it be possible to hook a phone line to the TiVo and send what you have recorded around the world, or at least to your neighbor? //
Not with TiVo, but the new Replay DVR does allow you to send a recorded program to someone else. In fact, a lawsuit has been filed against them by the studios for this very feature (and also for the automated commercial remover that RePlay has). Also, they have capacities up to 320 hours. It's a TV server, really. (see link if'n you want)
bristolz, Dec 06 2001

       I like [ravenswood's] idea, now which pitiful mortal's life do I get to control?
kaz, Feb 28 2002

       By the way, does anyone still not know what a TiVo is?
bristolz, Jul 06 2005

       Sure, and what a great idea. I'm just worried that you might end up watching Lesbian Boot Camp.
zen_tom, Jul 06 2005


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