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Ditch the Pitch

New "marked for deletion" category
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We already have

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But over the years I have come to find that several of the ideas I read seem like sales pitches. The Currency - Croissants. Ideas written that try to sell themselves are a form of trickery. A candy-coated bad idea doen't deserve a bun. I think these need to be spotted and labeled DTSP for Ditch The Sales Pitch, and assesed by the moderators for deletion.

Inspired by my recent flop "Halfbakery 101''

shinobi, Sep 11 2006


       You got any actual examples? I'm not following that simply candy coating an idea means it should be deleted.
DrCurry, Sep 11 2006

       Out there in the big, bad world of reality, it's not whether your product is worth a damn - it's whether you can get people to give you money for it. Here, it's clickable currency, but nothing else is different.
lurch, Sep 11 2006

       Being a bad idea isn't really grounds for deletion. Most of the ideas here are bad. If you think that an idea falls foul of one of the mfd categories then give it a tag, that's your perogative as a halfbaker, but you can't go around deleting ideas just because you don't like the prose.
DrBob, Sep 11 2006

       I agree with the Dr's. If there was a post by a *real* salesperson, jutta or the moderators would find it and delete it anyway.
xandram, Sep 11 2006

       If I give one example can I get buns from eveyone? [Marked for deletion 'DTSP']
shinobi, Sep 11 2006

       I admit I like the challenge to package rather mundane ideas with creative writing. The writing is half the fun, really. The difference in everyone's writing styles adds to the bakery's eclectic character and broaden's one's vision, I think. (Either that, or turns your brains to mush after awhile).
RayfordSteele, Sep 13 2006


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