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Demodex retroactive backend refitting

Increase the quality of life around your eyes.
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Most modern demodices suffer from a form of severe constipation; this can cause a very small spheres of negative energy around your peepers and can throw off your juju as you go about your day, making lattes or combing hair.

Modern technology can draw 0.03mm titanium tubes; these are quite large but! -- they could still provide a structure in which relief could be discovered.

Invite the demodex in, make comfortable in a small indentation in the ground full of oils; while it is making itself comfortable and is distracted, insert a sharpened carbon steel 0.03 mm in the tail end; this cored skin is then removed and replaced with a fitted titanium open valve with a grid etching on the outside. This will graft in new tissue will form in a basic sphincter.

Once the demodex has recovered it can be placed back in the originating follicle, where it can go about life feeling just a bit lighter and more relaxed - increasing the positive vibe of the host.

Processing time per demodex would be about 10 minutes, less then an average lasek surgery, so wait times would be low, however the government should consider opening up many small clinics in areas of excessive demodice.

mylodon, Oct 05 2017


       When you put it like this, it's amazing nobody else has thought of it.
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 05 2017

       Just dab on some moisturizer and then activate a resonant frequency ultrasound probe near your skin, the oil could reach deep into the orifices of the demodex!
beanangel, Oct 05 2017

       Just don't use the moisterizer with the 0.02mm microbeads.
mylodon, Oct 06 2017

       " When you put it like this, it's amazing nobody else has thought of it. — MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 05 2017 "   

       Now THERE'S a tagline .....
normzone, Oct 07 2017

       Demodecagoguery - irresponsible populism for follicle-dwelling invertebrates.
pertinax, Oct 07 2017


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