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colored metal body

car bodys that won't fade or scratch
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I think someone should figure out how to make metal a variety of colors for cars (and other things). that way you can just buff out scratches and it won't fade.
pixeltarian, Nov 24 2007

maybe something like this: http://www.rimexmet...ducts-colourtex.htm
- it's unclear if it's actualy colored or it's a finish though. [pixeltarian, Nov 24 2007]

materia http://www.materia.nl/531.0.html
they have it here.... somewhere [xenzag, Nov 24 2007]


       Not an idea- just a wish. Welcome [pixeltarian], now you are that "someone" who must do the figuring out.
xenzag, Nov 24 2007

       This idea has some issues,mostly with rust, unless rust is your solution. There are only a few metals who are not affected by rust and thus can be colored, i.e. gold, stainless steel, nickel, platinum and probably a few more obscure/expensive ones. Of these only stainless is suitable for body panels. There are also a few that do rust but in a skin like fashion, i.e. aluminum, titanium and Armco(TM). If this idea were to work, I think your best plan is to colorize the "rust" on one of these. This has already been done with titanium in jewelry, and it looks amazing. Similar processes could be possible with the others I would think. Then when you got a scratch, you could buff it out and then grow back the same color rust
MisterQED, Nov 24 2007

       I want a car made of coloured titanium. Do you think it might increase the cost of production?   

       [xz] - Good to see you around.
wagster, Nov 24 2007

       thanks - leaving one toe in the pond.
xenzag, Nov 24 2007


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