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Dental Braille

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Blind dentists have a hard enough time as it is - falling off chairs, needle in the cheek etc, without being required to read off tooth charts about each individual patient's history.

I suggest an oral device that marks each tooth with a series of small bumps and grooves just big enough for your dentist to feel and read, outlining any previous work done to it.

This way you can rest assured that you are getting quality care from him/her - and their guide dog.

benfrost, Nov 02 2004

does this help? as if I care. http://www.halfbake...ck_20tongue_20studs
[po, Nov 03 2004]


       I had an entirely different interpretation. This sounded like a braille which is read orally. How about candy which dissolves to reveal a braille message?   

       Two layers of sugary substance, with a difference in dissolving rates could work. One would dissolve rapidly, revealing the message which could be read before dissolving entirely.
squirrelecule, Nov 03 2004

       That's great, [squirrel] - post it as an idea in its own right.   

       [ben], I suggest using the dots in preference to the grooves, which will simply serve as a reservoir for microbes to accumulate in as they dissolve into the teeth. Suggestions for how these dots would be applied?
vigilante, Nov 03 2004

       Excellent idea, squirrel. Touching my tongue to my teeth, they seem enormous. Buck teeth! But when I look in the mirror they’re normal. It’s because there’re so many touch receptors. And really, it doesn’t have much else to do, does it? So put it to work, reading the newspaper on tiny chips!
pluterday, Nov 03 2004


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