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BlueTooth Blue Tooth™

multicoloured teeth powered by an old favourite
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Gold might be popular now, but I'll wager there'll be a new colour along in the not too distant future.
Hence, my plan for teeth that you can change the colour of, with a click of the mouse.
(readers may want to cut and past that last sentence, it may not be seen again in our life times).
neilp, Jul 28 2003

Gleam in Your Smile http://www.halfbake...20in_20Your_20Smile
blatant self promotion [krelnik, Oct 05 2004]

Bluetooth Warriors http://www.halfbake...luetooth_20Warriors
Hey, me too. Not the same except bluetooth and, well, a tooth. [Worldgineer, Oct 05 2004]


       Quite bakeable in Photoshop. Fishbone until you can explain how you would do this. I cut. I pasted. I threw it in the Recycle Bin.
Cedar Park, Jul 29 2003

       [Cedar Park] - this is a small device (the size of a tooth), which is implanted directly into the jaw. Inside is a bluetooth receiver, and on the outside, a series of LEDs in lots of different colours. it's battery powered, and batteries are user replaceable by ust unscrewing the top.
neilp, Jul 29 2003

       Baked. Just drink Blueberry soup.
nichpo, Jul 29 2003

       [nichpo] - that's hardly the same thing <takes swig of green>
neilp, Jul 29 2003

       Well, now that you've mentioned LEDs and batteries, you're dancing close to my idea "Gleam in your Smile". See link.
krelnik, Jul 29 2003

       Oh, I see.   

       LED's. Bluetooth receiver. Inside my mouth. Implanted in my jaw bone. With all that saliva, food and drink. Fishbone.
Cedar Park, Jul 29 2003

       swallow [Cedar Park] quick !
neilp, Jul 29 2003

       dammit, it's here already.   

       The real potential, of course is for hip-hop.
theircompetitor, Jan 12 2004


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