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Activity catalyst
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How many times have you said, or heard someone say "I must get around to it"? Of course, severe procrastinators never do, hence they / we need a device to aid them. This is the deprocrastinator. A small coin-like object inscribed "to-it" might be just the thing for frustrated friends and relatives to present to the procrastinator in order to encourage activity.
Goosepimple, Mar 16 2001

Despair.com: Procrastination http://www.despair.com/proc24x30pri.html
Hard Work Often Pays Off After Time, But Laziness Always Pays Off Now. [jutta, Mar 16 2001]

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       ...so now that you've been shown around the Bakery, we thought you'd like to know how your ideas are seen through the eyes of your fellow Halfbakers:   

       Peter wants first-dibs, egnor wants links (jutta will provide them or mark the idea for deletion), Monkfish wants you to do your homework, StarChaser doesn't think you will, waugsqueke & PotatoStew believe in Him, centauri doesn't, UnaBubba thinks it's funny, susen will tell you how it relates to her farm, afroassault would like it to explode, dsm would like you to explode, supercat will handle all gun control issues...
iuvare, Mar 19 2001

technobadger, Mar 19 2001

       Drat. I'm only noteworthy for not believing in God.   

       Goosepimple, I think your idea is worthy, but sometimes putting things off is a necessary part of life.
centauri, Mar 19 2001

       Amen to that, waugsqueke (oops... sorry...)   

       Re the idea: alternatively, you could just present the procrastinator with some Nike sportswear emblazoned with the "Just Do It" logo...
PotatoStew, Mar 19 2001

       ... but he would probably take a long time to decide whether to wear it or not.
Aristotle, Mar 19 2001

       The movie "Sneakers" had a great line to use against procrastinators: "You will give me the box, right now, or I will kill you, right now."
centauri, Mar 19 2001

       Walked right into that one, didn't I?
centauri, Mar 20 2001

       Procrastination is our finest and most important weapon against the sea of bureaucracy, unneccessary paperwork and futile tasks that threatens to overwhelm us at any moment. Did anyone die because I didn't fill out your survey form? No. It couldn't have been that important then. I see procrastination as more of a life choice rather than a lack of any inclination to get off of my backside and do something.
DrBob, Mar 20 2001

       hear, hear, DrBob! Why worry about something trivial like the details of why we get paid when there are so many much more important things to do, like check up on HB, stocks, and your guild's message board, rummage through the weeks various news bits, or try desperately not to assemble a mental picture of PS. The paperwork was here when I got here, and it'll be here when I'm gone. Who am I, then, to try to change anything during the middle of this zero-sum game? I say let it be.
absterge, Mar 20 2001

       I'm having trouble imagining anything *less* fun than spreadsheets, UnaBubba.
mark_t, Mar 20 2001

       Less fun than spreadsheets. Hmmm.... Tax's spring to mind...although I guess you might use a spreadsheet for those. How about some of those things your doctor seems to insist upon?
Brendan, Mar 20 2001

       Yeah, I just love the reassuring "oh no, this'll just feel like a little tingle" when in actuality it feels like he's making an incision with a meat tenderizer instead of a scalpel.
Wes, Mar 20 2001

       Yes, I have. Different teacher, same shit. I've refrained from shooting myself during 3 different accounting courses. It's a miracle I'm alive.
Wes, Mar 21 2001

       <Off topic> And here I was thinking that I was interacting with some real people when all along it was just a bunch of bored accountants like me. How depressing!
DrBob, Mar 21 2001

       A procrastinator's work is never done.
homunculus, Apr 06 2001

       iuvare just summed up the entire halfbakery in a paragraph!
AfroAssault, Apr 24 2001

       It (and Unabubba's explanation) should probably be added to the Help page, eh?
Dog Ed, Apr 24 2001

       addendum to iuvare's annotation: ...and Rods Tiger will add an oblique link to a music site.
DrBob, Sep 18 2001

       UNABUBBA; I have a book on overcoming procrastination I've been meaning to read...
MORGWOOD, Apr 18 2002

       I regret to inform you goosepimple but someone beat you to the draw. I have had in my possession for several years a circular coaster with the word tuit written on the front in bold letters. The explanation on the back bears striking similarities to the one found above, not that I am inferring plagerism more likely independent evolution but the fact remains....
fruit, Apr 18 2002

       ...that [fruit] has a tuit.
phoenix, Apr 18 2002


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