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Designer Noose

If it's gonna happen, make it happen in style
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I am not usually one to endorse the execution of people via hanging. Heck I'm not big on killing and death either, but these things happen. For those populations/cultures/governments who use this as a primary means of capital punishment, perhaps the mood could be lightened a little for the executee* with some flash of color.

I propose a line of designer nooses with patterns similar to those on neckties. I currently own a necktie with Tigger printed all over it. Other fun themes might be Ziggy or Family Circus. Of course stripes, plaids, paisleys, and pink would all be available. Or maybe they could be used seasonally. During spring, pastel nooses would be in, while warmer colors would suffice for fall. Cool colors in winter would bring out the season. Alternating red and green would make for a very festive December 25th event.

Might become a popular way to advertise your brand in some of the less developed countries.

(*Should be read eks-e-KYOO-tee, though egs-EK-u-TEE might be apro po)

bdag, Oct 05 2009

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       isn't it eks-e-kju-TEE ?
loonquawl, Oct 06 2009


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