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End-of-Your-World Switch

A fitness test
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See the link for a description of the original version of this Idea.

Here, though, things will be a bit different. For one, The Switch would be designed so that it would be extremely difficult to trigger remotely. Standing in a particular place could be verified by infrared body-temperature scanners, CO2 emission detectors, sounds-of-breathing detectors, weight sensors, and so on. Putting one's hand into a cubbyhole, where The Switch is located, would allow additional verification of body temperature, plus detection of pulse and possibly also blood pressure. The thumb might be required to move in a certain direction to push aside a cover for The Switch. This would also allow detection of subtle color- changes in the flesh due to blood-flow restriction as a result of pressure the thumb applies. Other fingers would also have to move in various different ways, to push aside additional covers for The Switch. The last finger would be available for activating The Switch.

We need a change to the wording on the sign, compared to the description of it in the link. We want this sign to specify that "your" world would end, not "the" world.

As a result, when The Switch is activated, the person foolish enough to have done that gets killed, fully qualifying as the "you" in the word "your" that the sign specified --that person's world ends as promised.

This is an intelligence test and no false advertising is involved (also, note in the link the part of the sign that says "Please do not touch"). However, since suicide is illegal in many places, such a test would probably not be allowed in many places. Check your local ordinances to be sure!

Vernon, Jun 10 2016

End-of-the-world switch http://www.goodread...ng-to-see-if-it-was
As mentioned in the main text. [Vernon, Jun 10 2016]


       It's called an "F-104 Starfighter", and it's Baked (Or more usually, 'crashed and burned' ...).
8th of 7, Jun 10 2016

       // since suicide is illegal in many places, such a test would probably not be allowed in many places //   

       umm.. but Shirley..   

       if it's an intelligence test it's to be assumed anyone who does press the button isn't actually committing suicide (an intentional act), but is rather just very, very (exceedingly, in fact).. well.. I suppose the only word is "stupid", isn't it?   

       so that would mean it would be legal after all wouldn't it :)
Skewed, Jun 11 2016

       < Coroner >   

       (adjudicating the death of a man who wandered into a lion enclosure.. apparently with the intention of feeding them by hand, while ignoring several signs advising against this action)   

       "apparently he was too stupid to know better.. death by misadventure"
Skewed, Jun 11 2016

       You would be sued by relatives of those who can't read, or misplaced their glasses.
RayfordSteele, Jun 11 2016


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