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Designer Websites

like jeans, but actually a website
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See those designer jeans? Well, they're pretty much like ordinary jeans, but cost more and they've got a "designer" lable on them.

"Designer Websites" are pretty much exactly the same as ordinary websites, except you pay extra for them and they've got some french or italian guy's name on them.

All the rage for fashion-victim's homepages - "this is a picture of me and my cat" just like all the other pointless "this is a picture of me and my cat" homepages out there, but with a little Gucci logo at the top of the page.

Charge a fortune for them - job's a good 'un.

darsy, Jun 06 2003


       Only if they are high quality as well. I guess the equivalent of the high quality materials and workmanship that you find in designer clothes is just aesthetics and page structure in a website, so it would have to be very well designed. Of similar quality to the HB, for example.
sild, Jun 06 2003

       I fail to see how this is not completely Baked. Of course, the brand names are different from the jeans business, but if you want a web site designed by a top designer, you will certainly be charged a fortune.   

       (And if Gucci wants to put its logo on one of my web sites, they should do what they have to do right now, which is pay *me* a fee.)
DrCurry, Jun 06 2003


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