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Internet Gift Vouchers

Under 18s can buy online
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Under 18s who want to buy things online, can setup an account on our website and purchase vouchers from shops, from which they gain a code. Entering this code on the website credits money to the account. The account is then used to buy things online. The account would not allow the user to go into debt. If the parents set up the account, they could be e-mailed details of what their child is purchasing. And they could give the voucher as a gift to the child.
mrbiggy, Mar 01 2002


       Other than the age thing, is this really much different from, say, the now defunct gift certificate thingy flooze.com, or g-cert.com?
bristolz, Mar 01 2002

       Isn't this the equivalent of a non-overdraw credit card account for U18s?
rjo666, Mar 01 2002

       And it works until an under-18 hacker breaks in and pumps up everyone's account using fake/stolen credit card info. Or, better yet, swaps the credit info from one user to another.
phoenix, Mar 01 2002

       Problem with the hacker objection, I think, is that no matter what online business model you propose, a hacker can ruin it. Nothing is invulnerable. Nothing.
bristolz, Mar 01 2002


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