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Hive Mind Remote Control Task Competition

Yearly competition to put the new resource of hundreds of millions of human brains connected on the internet looking for something to do.
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I had suggested having millions of people logged into a website to augment A.I. vehicles with actual averaged out human control. Issues were pointed out and that's fine, but are there other ways to use this resource that Earth has never experienced before? Millions of human minds on line at any given moment that can control stuff in real time?

That's what this competition would seek to explore.

Awards would be given for the best task that could be completed using this resource. Controlling robots that clean streets or plastic from the oceans? Clearing forests of underbrush to control wildfires? Dunno, but that's the kind of thing this competition might be able to dream up.

To clarify, the control comes from dozens of people from all around the world at any one time. If the job is to drive a cleaning machine down the street, 20 people who have no contact with each other drive the unit and control it's scrubbers and garbage pickup claws. While it's general path is controlled by standard A.I., tasks beyond that technology would be controlled by one hive mind made up of the average input of 20 or so people. For cleaning graffiti for instance, these people would be better at discerning vandalized walls from advertising, business names etc.

One idea, but are there others? Never have so many man- hours been just out there waiting to be tapped. This competition might find a use for that.

doctorremulac3, Sep 18 2021

Amazon's Mechanical Turk https://www.mturk.com/
This is a similar idea, though the types of tasks suited to this are more off-line, batch type of tasks, rather than "real-time". But the idea of utilising humans as wetware "AI" units to do work is embodied quite well here. [zen_tom, Sep 18 2021]


       That sounds like US! (Except for the 'actual doing' things part)
AusCan531, Sep 19 2021


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