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Designer charging belt

Belt that doubles as cell phone and I pod battery
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inspired by 240 Volt Belt This is a designer belt, with Li-ion batteries inside, similar to a money belt. (batteries instead of money). Equipped with a USB port, you charge it at home at night, and use it to power your multiple devices all through the day.
senatorjam, Apr 10 2009

redundant Belt_20Buckle_20Battery
[FlyingToaster, Apr 10 2009]


       Is that really you? Wow if it is.
blissmiss, Apr 10 2009

       Well, one is for a belt BUCKLE battery, this is for the belt to have Li-Ion batterys inside the belt itself (where the money is seen in the second annotation) Just enough to ensure that my cell-phone and Ipod, and everything else that I carry that needs a charge throughout the day, can last if I have to stay out late.
senatorjam, Apr 11 2009


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