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FM Radio Belt Buckle

FM Radio Belt Buckle
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Hi, there!

I have been looking for a "FM Radio Belt Buckle" for years but my search has been unsuccessful. On the road, I saw a "TV Belt Buckle", "LCD Belt Buckle", "i-Pod Belt Buckle", but no "FM Radio Belt Buckle".

I am sure everybody can ascertain that this is not hard to make given the fact that there are many "mini fm radios" on the market, some of them as small as a belt buckle. As on those tiny fm radios, the wires for the earbuds can serve as an antenna.


Carlos Albert Lacaye

Disco Makberto, Aug 12 2007


       (Or you could have the antenna somewhere in the belt?)
Not a bad idea. This could be a sought-after giveaway from a radio station. The belt buckle could spell out the station name.
jutta, Aug 12 2007

       I found some, Jutta, that is, giveways from radio stations. But they were non-functional. In other words, the belt buckle was made in the form of a transistor radio, but again, totally non-functional.   

       Carlos Albert
Disco Makberto, Aug 12 2007

       The DVD of "Six Pack" came out recently, "complete with horny waitress who's wearing a belt buckle radio."
ldischler, Aug 12 2007

       I think it would be helpful to change the idea title to be the same as it's current subtitle.
MaxwellBuchanan, Aug 12 2007

       In my earlier youth I would have given much to have one of these.   

       Now you'd probably have to include an MP3 player.
normzone, Aug 12 2007

       Okay, I changed the title as Idischler suggested.   

       The idea of having a "combo fm radio belt buckle" sounds okay to me. However, instead of an "mp3 belt buckle", I would advise an "i-pod belt buckle" simply because "i-pod belt buckles" are alredy on the market, so it would be a matter of modifying these existing belt buckles.   

       As for the DVD "Six Pack" and the waitresses with the belt buckle radios, I didn't know about it. It would be worth checking the movie out.
Disco Makberto, Aug 13 2007


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