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Detachable Trunk (Boot)

Don't buy luggage! Take your trunk with you.
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A car trunk is a very personal thing. Some use it merely as a waste receptacle for when the back seats are overfull, others for transporting groceries, and some paranoid fellows (glances over shoulder), use their automobile trunk as a giant boy-scoutesque emergency kit in preparation for every possibly conceived disaster. Any which way you use it, though, how much more convenient would it be to disengage the trunk (boot) from the car?

No need to run in and out while loading/un-loading the trunk. Just unlock, disengage, and tote the entire trunk inside.

Makes air travel a breeze. Just park, pop off the trunk and ride. When you get to your destination, your luggage will be easily identified, as not every shmoe drives a burgundy Toyota Corolla.

MikeD, Mar 03 2009


       [ ] I been pondering something like this for cars (for extended range on electric vehicles), but as is, a roof rack would probably be better and not create a load imbalance.[edit] well that's not a problem, but this is sortof baked on cars in the (19)20's I think.   

       //use their automobile trunk as a giant boy-scoutesque emergency kit in preparation for every possibly conceived disaster//
and ?
FlyingToaster, Mar 03 2009

       Shopping karts(the cars), would literally be .
wjt, Mar 03 2009

       Wouldn't it be easier to attatch a hitch to your car, then add a small, aerodynamic, trailer?   

       Thus, your car would drive well with or without the trailer, and if you want to bring the groceries inside, you can detach the trailer and wheel it in.   

       To make the removable part even more portable, the trailer could consist of a frame with wheels, with a storage pod locked onto it... just lift the pod off it's frame. (Similar to a rooftop lugage box, but lower to the ground).
goldbb, Mar 03 2009

       [21 Quest], obviously one wouldn't splurge for this option with a hatchback or station wagon even if the dealership was deft enough to make the option available. As for undriveable without a trunk; maybe for formula one/nascar racing.   

       To address your issue with large vehicles, I would suggest a fitness program or maybe wheels (baked whereas luggage is concerned) or perhaps a detachable entire back half of the car with pole inserts to be used as a rickshaw.   

       As for the door-issue, I would suggest you turn it side-ways. (The trunk, mind you, not the door)
MikeD, Mar 04 2009

       There is more than one way to be aerodynamic . Design the car to be aerodynamic with and without and have an autobot type mechanism when attaching / removing.
wjt, Mar 04 2009

       This remind me of an idea I had to get rid of minimarts and convenience stores by outcompeting them. Just have a thing where people had those luggage pods on the top of their cars carry snacks and beverages, anytime you see one you can aim your phone at it, open it up, get a snack and go on your way. People, or robots, could earn income just from parking their cars. using the handy app you would find a car pod with exactly what you want, for how much, everywhere. The mini-marts go out of business from having mediocre products at mini mart prices.
beanangel, Feb 11 2020


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