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Detachable radio faceplate = cell phone

Security! Portability! Hands-free convenience!
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Finally, a real reason to detach that detachable faceplate.

This car radio faceplate unclips and folds to become a tiny cell phone. When clipped in, it also powers the car's hands-free phone.

Many car audio systems now feature detachable faceplates as a security feature. Also, many places are about to mandate hands-free cell-phones for cars.

As if we needed any more distractions on the road... But anyway...

land, Jul 21 2000


       With cellphones getting MP3 player capability, there's another reason to do this: a faceplate phone with MP3 would be far better than one of those horrible adapters to plug your MP3 player into your car tape deck.
pottedstu, Nov 28 2001

       With LCD readout and nav buttons, I don't see why this isn't bakeable. Where's that patent office when you need it?
barnzenen, Dec 07 2001

       this is looking more and more like a great idea (+).
neilp, Dec 20 2004

       It's not really another distraction - it would be easy to set the system up so that it works like a hands-free kit when a call is received - the music would cut, and the incoming caller would be played through the stereo speakers.   

       Most stereo faceplates look like phones now anyway, they have buttons and screens - they're about the right size too.   

       You could also have more than one faceplate coded to a stereo (done by dealers on production of proof of ownership only) so that you don't lose the phone if your wife borrows the car...
kmlabs, Dec 29 2004

       Hmm. I've not ever read this idea before. 'Tis a good one, too. +
bristolz, Dec 29 2004

       This is entirely bakeable in the form of an in-dash PDA/phone dock, appropriate software and cabling, and a completely concealed (MP3HD based?) stereo.
BunsenHoneydew, Sep 04 2005

       I was looking through an auto parts cataloug a few days ago, and I saw a stereo with a detatchable mp3 player as the faceplate.   

       I thought that was pretty nifty.
andrew1, Sep 09 2005


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