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corresponding cell phone/tag #'s

license plate number same as cell phone number
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I believe that it would be a good idea for the government to pass a law that would require that your state issued automobile license plate number be the same as your cell phone number. That way, next time someone cuts you off while talking on the phone you could call them up and give them what for.
lararox, Nov 27 2001


       And if you have two cars but only one cell-phone (or vice versa)? Anyway, if someone's talking on the phone, you can't call them up.
angel, Nov 27 2001

       Most cell phones now have call waiting.
lararox, Nov 28 2001

       I sense you might not be too inclined to be kept on hold if you are calling the guy to "give them what for" about his inconsiderate driving. How about a proximity sensor that causes the release of a small but effective dose of Prozac into your car airconditioning when someone cuts you up? Needs a maximum control - otherwise a typical daily commute could result in you being completely out of your tree by the time you got to work.
lewisgirl, Nov 28 2001

       Or, if you're feeling really adventurous, by foot.
-alx, Nov 28 2001


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