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Chemiluminescent bumpers

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Panels on the front and rear of vehicles filled with 2-part chemiluminescent liquid - like glow sticks.

When struck, ampoules break, liquids mix and light up bright red.

Some liquid is intentionally dispensed onto the highway to leave a visible trail.

Operates independantly of vehicle power or driver/passenger intervention.

8th of 7, Dec 17 2016


       aside from the extreme cool factor, I do not comprehend the utility. Unless it has something to do with seeing the vehicle at night.
beanangel, Dec 17 2016

       An after market one size fits all bandolier of ampules could tied on any vehicle for the effect. ( Maybe not on the front of snowplows. )   

       There is likely some military surplus that could be modified to get the ball rolling.
popbottle, Dec 17 2016

       Nice. A clear, refillable bumper containing thick chemical reagents to produce a glowing mathmos type effect when bumped.
wjt, Dec 18 2016

       Spray paint canisters in bumper activated when hit. Spray a nice tint onto the attacker car.
pashute, Dec 20 2016


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