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Detergent Biz

New detergent vending
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Being in the laundry industry myself and knowing what the actual cost is for liquid detergent, I am stunned that no one has thought of this vending idea before. So here it is for anyone to do, You're Welcome. Everywhere I go here in Houston, there are those damn water vending machines, at the convenience store, grocery store, gas stations etc. People gladly line up with their empty jugs and pay .35-.50 cents per gallon for water. Why not equate the same idea to liquid laundry detergent? In any state in the nation, you can go to an independant chemical company and have your own liquid detergent formulation blended up for about .60 cents per gallon, they will even knock off all of the popular brands if you wish. After you have that done, call one of these water vending companies and order one of their machines without all of the filtration stuff in it, (will run about 3 grand). Outfit the vending machine with a small pump and a 100 gallon poly container and fill it with liquid laundry detergent. People can then take their empty plastic detergent jugs (there are typically 3-4 sizes) to the machine, put in their money, stick their empty jug under the nozzle and presto, they have a full jug of detergent at half the price of the retail brands. You could feasibly make up to .50 cents per gallon in profit. All you have to do is empty the money, fill the machine with detergent, rinse it down every once in a while and you have a cash business. This would be a great business for people who are concerned with recycling plastics! People continuously re-use their empty detergent jugs. If your wanted to take it one step further, go to wal-mart and get one of those re-fillable water jug crocks that people put in their kitchen. Take that and put it in your laundry room with the jug full of detergent. Every time it is empty just take it to the detergent vending machine and fill it back up. Just a thought. Ideaguy
ideaguy00, Apr 14 2004

detergent vending machine http://e-vending.co...vending_machine.htm
[skinflaps, Oct 04 2004]


       All of the vending machines on the market today are prepackaged powder and satchel liquid machines. They do not fill an empty container and they still charge you an arm and a leg for brand names.
ideaguy00, Apr 14 2004

       [ideaguy00] for president.   

       First call as your secy o state: replace all those stinking powdered 'cappucino' machines with dishsoap dispensers.
dpsyplc, Apr 14 2004

       [Writing: If you insert an empty line between paragraph, it'll make the whole idea much easier to read.   

       If you mention somewhere in the title or subtitle that you're talking about dispensing *liquid* detergent, you'll make it easier for readers to tell the difference between your idea and the existing powdered detergent dispensers. "Biz" is very generic.]
jutta, Apr 14 2004

       I would probably use this.
waugsqueke, Apr 14 2004


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