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Crack machines

A no-drug-dealer-needed dispensation system
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You could retrofit one of those ice dispensers, like at Burger King, to drop just one rock. Attach a dollar receptacle from your standard vending machine. Ten bucks gets you a rock. Then, if you're the drug dealer, you could sit at home and say, "sure, show up at 52 Elm Street with a bunch of ones," then, periodically check on it. Never take the same method of transportation twice, though.
Simonpf, Jul 13 2001


       I like this idea. The key to your success would be good branding though.   

       You need a cute mascot to establish a link between YOUR crack and quality.   

       Have a cute monkey, for example, named "Happi" Have him on the floresent backlighted front of the dispenser (like soda dispensers). With a slogan:
"It's not good crack unless its HappiCrack (TM)"

       You could have other spinnoffs like: HappiCoke, HappiHemp, HappiHeroine   

       I'm unclear on Crack being the best first release, perhaps a focus group might be in order.
AntHill, Jul 14 2001

       Damn, I was hoping for an innovative sort of jackhammer here.
Dog Ed, Jul 14 2001

       Wasn't the 'Crack Vending Machine' shown on an episode of the cartoon 'Futerama'? I'm thionking specifically of the episode where Fry becomes emperor of the planet of the three suns, after drinking the previous emperor.
[ sctld ], Jul 14 2001

       Baked. In cleveland this automat on prospect is famous for having crack and nickel bags in the sandwich slots.
futurebird, Jul 14 2001

       Damn. I was hoping that this would be an automated method of pulling the pants up of a visiting plumber... I guess that would be an Anti-Crack Machine, though...
Cedar Park, Feb 09 2003

thumbwax, Feb 09 2003

       Never take a drug that is named after a part of your arse....
briandamage, Feb 09 2003

       [futurebird]: Yeah, what was that address again?
snarfyguy, Feb 09 2003


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