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Coin Swap Box

A place to get rid bits of coin and junk and pennies.
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There was an old woman who lived in a shoe

She had so many children she didn't know what to do

What she did about that it would seem you can read

On another web page, If and when you're in need.

But what of her small coins, bus tokens, and game pieces

That also stuffed up the shoe along with her thesis

A swap box for coin like thinga ma bobs. any

would dispose of them nicely and return pennies

Which could buy an old door mat which among all of its failings

would not include having to be inside of the shoe. no wailing

99 888 34656 gh fgf -------

Writing bad poetry is harder than it looks.

A sort of vending machine with many little bins.

Any small metal item is likely to be accepted. Coins, medals, games pieces, bus tokens, Foreign coins, soda pull tabs, jar lids, wire rimed glasses, gears, screws, nuts , washers, bolts, jewelry.

An attendant stops by every other day or so. removes the trash. sorts bins a bit so like things are together. Removes the mounds of pennies if they start to pile up.

Grocery store keeps it in the parking lot because it attracts people.

Machine can sense weight, metal, and shape.

If it likes what you put in, it presents a random bin in trade. You can say no about ten times. After 10 noes, it thanks you for your contribution and ignores you. You can see many of the bins and ask for a particular one. And most times that bin will be among the first presented.

Sales tax assumed to be 1 cent per trade. The penny is collected at the start of the swap unless you hit the donate button. The donate button button causes all to drop into a box for Salvation Army pick up and no presentations of possible swaps are made.

popbottle, Jan 20 2015

Vaguely like Junk_20Exchange_20Lottery
except less driving around and meeting people. [FlyingToaster, Jan 23 2015]


       Kind of like Geocaching?
RickRantilla, Jan 23 2015

       Geocatching: Nice to see something similar is doable and being done and promoted.   

       Geocatching seems more of a game or sport.   

       Coin Swap Box would be: More of a place to get rid of stuff you don't want and get something the might be useful or interesting.
popbottle, Jan 25 2015


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