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Determined shopper fast lanes

Why will people insist on dawdling?
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A typical saturday shopping,
In the town in which I live,
Is one of thinly veiled annoyance,
And so little alternative,
As I trudge behind the minions,
Betwixt the department stores,
I muse that it might be quicker,
To convey forth on all-fours,
Why can't there be a place,
A narrow path for some to use,
For us who walk with a brusqueness,
That no slow-stollers may abuse,
A fast lane for the frenetic,
A fly over for the few,
Who wish to do their shopping,
And be home well before two.
Zircon, Feb 12 2002

bidding for greens http://www.halfbake...ding_20for_20greens
[hippo, Feb 12 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]

Fast lane and FINES on Oxford street http://walking.abou...400c.htm?once=true&
An article from the brilliantly named Wendy Bumgardner [Saveloy, Feb 12 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       Truly inspirational. I also think pedestrians should be fitted with indicators and brake lights.
LardyBloke, Feb 12 2002

       Some might indicate to the left away,
and then slowly veer to the right,
Their harnessed kids orbiting them,
Like noisy satillites,
Maybe a permit could be required,
Or just a determined state of mind,
A steely eye, a hardened will,
A skill for walking in straight lines.
Zircon, Feb 12 2002

       If there were motorway-style restrictions,
to avoid bottlenecks and other constrictions,
adults with a brain,
could shop with no pain,
without the children/dozy idiots afflictions.
sappho, Feb 12 2002

       Doesn't EVERYONE walk in straight lines, these days? I thought it was standard practice to walk around as if you were the only person on the pavement (sidewalk), because to acknowledge oncoming pedestrians and actually budge an inch for them would be to call one's alpha monkey status into question. I blame David Attenborough myself. And bulk enhancing padded jackets.   

       That said, I'm totally for the idea of lanes. For narrow pavements, just have a line painted up the middle. Peds walk to the far left or right, and the middle area is used for overtaking.   

       The idea has been suggested a couple of times before by pushy Londoners, I'll see if I can find a link.   

       I like the indicator idea too, but how would they be activated? A pocket button, perhaps? What if you're carrying bags in both hands?
Saveloy, Feb 12 2002

       This is a variation on "bidding for greens". See link.
hippo, Feb 12 2002

       Carrying bags in both hands would be deemed "Walking Without Due Care and Attention"   

       Where I live in Stratford on Avon they are considering widening all the pavements to cope with the influx of tourists in the summer, people literally fall off the pavement in front of your car.   

       Lane markings definitely.
LardyBloke, Feb 12 2002

       [admin: Zircon, you can use <br> at the end of a line to force a line break.]
jutta, Feb 12 2002


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