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Free But Odd Samples

Free samples, but they are very weird combinations of foods
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E.g. pecan pie topped with herring, or a slice of mango with bacon and a drop of eggnog.

Supermarkets should offer these. They're free, so lots of people will come up and taste them and you personally don't have to, which is good because most of them will taste awful. But now and then one will unexpectedly turn out to be delicious. You'll be able to tell this instantly by people's reactions, and you might discover a new delicacy or even a new fad snack.

phundug, Sep 11 2008

this guy has them all... http://www.travelch...M100000698b3a0a____
[xandram, Sep 12 2008]


       Excellent. What could possibly be wrong with this?
hippo, Sep 11 2008

       When I worked at a Jamba Juice in a whole foods, I would intentionally sample out the most atrocious tasting things on the menu.   

       Every department had a few things being sampled, so lots of customers just went around and around having a free meal. If a person came up and asked, I'd tell them what was in it and warn them its a very acquired taste and go slowly.   

       On the other hand, lots of customers would grab one in each hand without breaking stride. They got a surprise a few steps later when they gulped down a 2 oz cup of fresh ginger juice with lemon and paprika. Really clears out the sinuses, I'm told.
GutPunchLullabies, Sep 11 2008

       // pecan pie topped with herring, or a slice of mango with bacon and a drop of eggnog.//
Sounds like a Heston Blumenthal restaurant.
coprocephalous, Sep 12 2008

       Add blue cheese to any of this and you have a deal. Mmm..
mylodon, Sep 12 2008

       Pecan pie topped with mango. mmm....
Noexit, Sep 12 2008

       //Free But Odd Samples// [marked-for-tagline]
csea, Sep 12 2008


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