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Every price Supermarket

A place to shop before you shop so you know where to shop
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Laid out like the usual supermarket, but every item has every price in every store for the entire countywide area. All prices converted to units that make comparison easy. Shoppers or the competing stores provide the pricing. Pricing and inventory of the store is based on history an experience, but is only there as a convenience. Might not even sell things likely to spoil.

Most people stop by with their shopping list and determine which competing stores offer the best deals for what they want to buy today.

Not really in the grocery store business, more of stone sober truth teller and trusted adviser.

(At the very least it would raise the price of vacant supermarkets as rival stores try to keep the chain bottled up.)

Once up and running all the data could be poured into a website so shoppers could make decisions from home on where to go this trip.

popbottle, Dec 24 2013


       1) Would this place have any actual groceries, or only pictures of groceries?   

       2) What is the benefit of having this in a physical store location, rather than on a web site?   

       3) Profit?
goldbb, Dec 25 2013

       1. Yes groceries Maybe only single samples in some cases. Is it a really big box crammed with product or a big box filled with air? You need the item to make some decisions.   

       Or your shopping list contains several items the best store to go to doesn't stock. I'll buy it here and won't have to visit a third store.   

       2. Just faster. No one has a monitor 15 asiles long by ten feet tall. For a few items internet would be fine, but for a long list or no list at all a brick and mortar place would be better.   

       3. Non-profit coop would work, But a profit motivated store would have a better chance of survival. Cutting the services unused, making deals with the devil if required to stay open. The gasoline price reporting sites with just one product to track and all volunteer and just on the internet have a hard time staying open and relevant. Not under the illusion it would be an easy thing to do, but I would stop by such a place.
popbottle, Dec 25 2013


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