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Deuterated LSD/MDMA as legal high

Deuterated drugs are separate entities according to the FDA, thus perhaps recreational drugs are legal if deuterated.
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The FDA treats deuterated drugs as separate entities for approval. Although the regulatory agencies are different, perhaps deuterated LSD and MDMA are legal (?!)
beanangel, Apr 28 2018

UK Psychoative Substances Act http://www.legislat.../2/contents/enacted
In Britain, every molecule is illegal. [Wrongfellow, Apr 29 2018]


       Yes, they are probably legal until they are first used, whereupon the legislation will be embroadened to encompass them.
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 29 2018

       There's nothing like a nice bit of embroadery. And this one's marked out with compasses. Do you suppose it's masonic?
pertinax, Apr 29 2018

       This is a serious question:   

       What do you mean when you use the words "legal" and "illegal"?   

       It's also a surprisingly difficult question to answer, and one which gave me a few sleepless nights.   

       Common responses such as "Everyone knows", "use a dictionary", "[such-and-such] is illegal" and "the so-and-so act says ..." are not answers to the question.   

       Honestly, give that question some serious contemplation, and you will never see the world in quite the same way again. The process may feel a little like Neo's un-podding in The Matrix, or Ford Prefect's "Ask a glass of water" quip.
spidermother, May 01 2018

       "There's a myth that if we legalise a substance it would somehow take the illegality out of it." - Keith Hellawell, UK Drugs Tsar
Wrongfellow, May 01 2018

       "There's a myth that if some men and women claim that a substance has been 'legalised' it somehow has an effect on reality or ethics." - spidermother, halfbakery avatar.
spidermother, May 01 2018


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