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The anti-Viagra
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If a pill can create and sustain an erection, shouldn't another chemical acting on the same body mechanism be able to prevent an erection? There are millions of high school students out there who fear a trip to the blackboard because they have been fantasizing about the girl next to them. And then there are frigid, jealous women who might want to dope their husband's food to prevent him having sex with her or anyone else.

Flaccex is as good a name as any, but we'll see what the boys in marketing think.

pithhelmet, Jan 23 2006

Sexual drive reducing drugs are plenty Baked http://www.salon.co.../2000/09/05/lupron/
An article about same. [DrCurry, Jan 23 2006]


       Caudal blocks prevent erections (per a quick Google search), but may be difficult for that spouse to administer surreptitiously.
DrCurry, Jan 23 2006

       not really sex drive reducing, rather a way to make penile tissue flaccid.
pithhelmet, Jan 23 2006

       //Flaccex is as good a name as any//   

       "Ex" does seem to mean "yes" or "true" when applied to brand names. For example, "Memorex", you'd think, would be a brand of computer disks that would forget whatever you put on them, but it's actually the opposite. Still, if I saw "Flaccex" on a box, I'd think it's something that gets rid of flaccidity.
phundug, Jan 23 2006

ConsulFlaminicus, Jan 23 2006


       Melty Man brand Flaccex: For those awkward moments. Fun idea, but then again I am a woman.
PollyNo9, Jan 23 2006

       Perhaps if it only worked for a few hours: anyone remember the "testicle test", and the associated cough?   

       I remember thinking, "Please, please, God, don't let anything happen", and remember the relief when I walked out of the screened off test area with dignity and masculinity intact.
Ling, Jan 23 2006

       I had nothing so inviting for an instructor.
reensure, Jan 23 2006

       There was a gag a while back about a male contraceptive pill - you put it in your shoe, and it made you limp.
coprocephalous, Jan 23 2006

       Good eye(s) [rcarty]
reensure, Jan 23 2006

       aside from viagra being a party drug, I suppose I would feel ashamed if I had to use it. Does this mean a man seen with a pack of flaccex is considered cool?
zeno, Jan 25 2006

       I've always wondered what actors do about it when shooting steamy bedroom scenes. They must have to do *something*.
Shz, Jan 25 2006


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