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science: health: drug
Subcategories of "science: health: drug":
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 (+6, -3)  Ant-chilli 
 (-9)(-9)  Anti-binge drinking control 
 (+2, -1)  anti-drug 
 (+1, -3)  Anti-Flower-Power 
 (+37, -11)(+37, -11)(+37, -11)  Anti-unrequited-love drug 
 (+2, -7)(+2, -7)  Antidepressant Candles 
 (+1)  Bonsai remedies 
 (+5, -3)  Chicken Soup Bath 
 (+6, -4)  Ciprozac 
 (+10)(+10)  coat pills with emetics to prevent overdose 
 (+3, -8)(+3, -8)  Deliberately addictive 
 (+8, -1)  Deuterated insulin 
 (+2)  Deuterated LSD/MDMA as legal high 
 (+1)  Drug 
 (+4)  Drug warning labels 
 (+6)  Flaccex 
 (+4)  Flavored IV fluids 
   heart guard 
   Hepatic encephalopathy treatment 
 (-1)  heptacyclic pharmaceutical motif 
 (-1)  herbal™ 
 (+2)  Intermittent Dosage Warning 
   Koala rehab 
   Longevity happiness elixir 
   Medicinal Masturbation 
 (+2)  Mouldy medicines 
 (+6)  Multi-meds 
 (+1)  neuroblockers 
 (+1, -3)  New medicines from plants 
 (+6)  Night Ranger Sleep Aid 
 (+5, -2)  No addiction drug cycle packs 
 (+3)  Not for profit pharmaceutical company 
   Oxytocin amnestic as adjunct for minor procedure 
   Oxytocin Blocker 
 (+4)  Parenting Meds 
 (+1, -2)  Prescription Authentication 
 (+4)  Public research lab 
 (+3)  Rational anti-rage drug 
   ReCening pharmaceuticals Any Pharmaceutical molecule a metallocene molecule 
 (+4, -6)  Remote Controlled Ritalin Dispenser 
 (+1)  Serious Gas 
   Sickle Cell Treatment 
 (+3, -1)  Side Effects Drug 
   SiOrganic as well as GeOrganic drugs make big pharma lots of money while having less frequent dosing 
 (+2)  specific brain area drugs 
   Supplement to put you in the zone 
 (+5, -2)  The Isotopic Edge 
 (+1)  Triple Blind Trial 
 (+14, -1)(+14, -1)  Wake-Up Pills 
   Weed/Algae Hybrid 


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