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Establishing a case for preventing "concealed weapons"
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Knife crime in UK is quite scary and seemingly harder to combat than gun crime-- knives are such a useful tool that it's hard to "crack down" on someone carrying one when they could have a legitimate reason for carrying it.

So... why not introduce a simple sheath for a knife that cannot be removed without a certain shaped piece (call it a key, but it can be much simpler). Then simply charge anyone who a) Is carrying an unsheathed knife, b) Is carrying a knife or, c) Is carrying an unsealed knife key.

If the knife key is generic enough, if you need to take your "better" knife out to a girlfriends for your evenings cooking (or whatever other reason you might need a knife out in public for), you could just use the key at your girlfriends to unsheath it again.

Scouts, fishermen and other legitimate users of knives would simply have to register themselves. (Or does anyone have any extensions to this idea that might prevent this?)

The nice side-benefit is that it introduces a sense of responsibility with dangerously sharp implements.

runonthespot, May 26 2006

Just for fun - http://www.turtlepr...efense_tactics.aspx
- a primer on defending against knife attacks [normzone, May 26 2006, last modified Mar 10 2009]

And a more basic approach. http://www.turtlepr...m/trainingTips.html
[normzone, May 26 2006, last modified Mar 10 2009]

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       What's to stop 'keys' being carried around with the knives, or if they can be secured at home or work, what's to stop them being forged/copied?
kuupuuluu, May 26 2006

       What about chefs carrying the tools of their trade?
Galbinus_Caeli, May 26 2006

       Congratulations, you have just reinvented the "peace string", tied around the hilt to discourage rapidly drawing a weapon. This is not new, delete and reheat.
normzone, May 26 2006

       anyone walking around with a folding knife becomes a criminal. knives are supremely useful tools, and anyone trying to use a knife as a weapon is more likely to hurt themselves. there are some exceptions, but it's not likely that many people who possess knives plan on fighting with them.
tcarson, May 26 2006

       There's a difference between planning and being prepared for the necessity. Training is advised, disarming the untrained is practical [links].   

       And what [GC] said, all my sushi chef friends will be annoyed at having to register.   

       Amusing idea, but by logical extension, we should put locking sheathes on all broom handles, beer bottles and screwdrivers.
normzone, May 26 2006

       no-one needs to be walking about with a knife.   

       I do wonder about the volunteer policewoman stabbed with her own kitchen knife as she has wandered out into the street in her nightgown in the middle of the night to confront car-jackers and who subsequently died by her own knife - how crazy is that?
po, May 26 2006

       think about it, a knife lets you open packaging, remove splinters, cut bandages, fashion tools, remove loose threads from clothing, put holes in things for fasteners, leave signs or marks in emergencies, prepare food, use as a probe, and this is just with a knife blade. With things like multi-tools there are a lot of other uses as well.
tcarson, May 26 2006

       Sad story, [po].   

       As I understand it, where you live people aren't allowed to own firearms that they could use to protect themselves.
normzone, May 26 2006

       Haha normzone-- is where you live that place where people are allowed to own firearms that they can use to protect themselves, thus ensuring all criminals will require a firearm to protect *themselves* thus creating a glorious climate of fear with excessive lashings of gun-crime? :-)
runonthespot, Jul 14 2006

       I think I'd have to side more with [phlish] than [runonthespot].   

       [spot], don't let the media flood available to us these days worry you too much. Where I live gun crime is popular fare for the press, but the numbers don't back it up. Research that, and lightning and sharks also.
normzone, Jul 14 2006

       i do like [phlish]'s idea. this would probably prevent problems with small knives, but it would mean that people who might otherwise have small knives will have giant whirling instruments of bladed doom.
tcarson, Jul 15 2006


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