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Criminal Force Denial System

By violating the freedoms of others you forfeit your own freedom to do so.
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Given that the current criminal justice system does little to change the conditions under which the crime was committed, reoffense is common.

Therefore, using the rapidly developing science of small implants, a personalized incapacitation system could be installed in these people.

This is of course a stopgap measure.

Using a small electronic capsule (using inertial or solar power) that can send and recieve signals, a soporific is released into the bloodstream as soon as the criminal is detected in a crime.

For violent criminals, the capsule could be voice-activated, using some sort of public password.

For burglars, a system similar to RFID could be used.

When the capsule is activated, it also sends a signal to local law enforcement, notifying that the capsule may need another dose.

The dosage is tailored to fit the criminal's exact physiology, to prevent harm and to ensure efficacy.

Using a suitable activation system, and noting that most criminals do not diversify, it would be almost impossible to reoffend while fitted with one of these.

Known problems:


A publicly known password would open up the possibility that someone could shout, "Marnelfarks!" and watch any nearby convicts collapse. I think, however, this is a suitable tradeoff, and actually adds to the deterrance factor.


The body is hostile. The system would probably be prone to failure until rather a lot of R&D.


The body could become resistant, requiring dangerous dosages to down the offender.



Not only does it require surgery, with a risk of infection and the like, a similar reversal surgery could be performed illegally. Both these would be solved with blood-roming nanites. (5-8 years away, by my guess)

(This idea is also a test of A: the editing system, I do plan to flesh it out, and B: my own thinking process...will I flesh it out, or get lazy?)

Edit: Time of Edition: 7:38 EST (GMT -5)

TOE: 8:20

Darkelfan, Mar 22 2006


       A: Ping statistics for editing.sys:
Idea: Sent = 0.5, Received = 0.5, Lost = 0 <0% loss>

       Approximate round trip time in milliseconds: 4ms   

       B: Still waiting
methinksnot, Mar 22 2006

       I'm afraid that you're gonna have to further explain the edit stats... I really don't understand at all.   

       The actual test of the editing system, is the tolerance of the community to large scale reconstructions based on feedback.
Darkelfan, Mar 22 2006

       0.5 is generous. I would put this at 0.25 at best. And a 0.25 which has been done to death in popular media.   

       \\Thus, they cannot, even in principle, reoffend.\\ Care to explain this part?
hidden truths, Mar 22 2006

       Far too close to a Big Brother scenario for me. If the power fails, does the device contain a failsafe?
RayfordSteele, Mar 22 2006

       Implants have been done to death in sci-fi.   

       I don't like reading about what posters want to do to other people. Especially when it comes to punishment or abuse. Whatever the excuse.
jutta, Mar 22 2006

       //The actual test of the editing system, is the tolerance of the community to large scale reconstructions based on feedback.// [Darkelfan]   

       You will find that tolerance to change on this site is as close to infinite as practicality allows. The previous premise, however, only holds true when the poster acts in good faith without breaching the limits of good taste. As with any other gathering of diverse people, the concept of good taste is very difficult to define.
I suspect that, by posting a previously-seen idea exhorting the punishment of ex-convicts, you have found the border.
methinksnot, Mar 22 2006

       Either way, the voting for this may still remain unfavourable as a fair few people have filters that block out ideas that they've voted against. The idea may have changed but they wouldn't know it.
hidden truths, Mar 22 2006

       this would maybe work if the implant would give an electric shock to stop the offender from repeating their crimes-- it could measure blood rate/ adrenaline to determine when the person is doing something wrong because with most ppl the heart rate/ adrenaline levels would go up--- wont work with genuine psychos or if they were 2 go 2 say... disneyland
wakeNbake, Mar 22 2006

       Or doing any type of exercise.   

       So this proposal is that there is a publically known codeword that will knock out all ex-convicts? As you say, malicious use is very much a danger, which is why I feel compelled to [-].
hidden truths, Mar 22 2006

       //.... will I flesh it out, or get lazy? // - I'd go for the lazy option if I was you, but then if I was you, I wouldn't be writing this annotation - you would ! Confused ? - good. I'd also recommend having another go at the "thinking process" bit, as I couldn't find any.
xenzag, Mar 23 2006

       If you've seen it in a book or movie, there is no reason to post it here.
theircompetitor, Mar 23 2006

       Clearly I haven't read enough books and/or movies.   

       This test was successful in at least one respect: I didn't know there was a filter for fishbones.   

       <irony>Sorry, [xenzag], that makes perfect sense.</irony> (Is irony the exact tone i'm looking for?)   

       [Rayford], the device requires power to open. It should therefore become inert if power fails.   

       [jutta] I was trying quite hard to avoid punishment/abuse by making merely sedate. I realize I've failed, of course, so I'd like to ask what you think of prison. I'd definately count prison firmly under 'abuse,' personally.   

       Also, I think that punishment is pretty well ineffective. You can make someone fear you but that just makes them avoid you, not some activity. Causing pain does not cause enlightenment.   

       So, I was thinking about my large scale edit, and I realized the basic idea is an implant. So I want to ask, does the Halfbakery have a blanket (social) ban on implants then?   

       And while I'm here, I have a predeliction for let's-all. Is it okay if I produce a device that would automatically encourage a let's-all, or is that also covered?
Darkelfan, Mar 24 2006

       Apart from the fact that this idea isn't particularly original, thus far you've provided only the loosest details of how the device would work. How would you deal with the circumstance where the control word is spoken on TV? Presumably the system is designed to be used on criminals as an alternative to incarceration or as a deterrent applied during probation. Have you considered that this could prevent rehabilitation by preventing convicts working jobs in transport, security, heavy machinery, or anything else where they can't fall asleep? [-] for sloppy thinking and let's not get started on "blood roming nanites" (sic).
DocBrown, Mar 24 2006

       Darkelfan, from electronic fences for dogs, to the collars in the original, 60s version of Star Trek, to the Adam device in Rober Jordan's books, to countless sci fi books with collars for criminals that can make do anything from putting them to sleep to having their head explode
theircompetitor, Mar 24 2006


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