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Dogcatching Dogs

Trained dogs for capturing stray dogs.
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I was flipping channels on the TV this morning (it's great to be between jobs) and had a flipping epiphany. I went from a show about a police dog capturing a crazy man, to a show about dogcatchers trying to lasso stray dogs. The thought occurred that the police dog would be a lot better at dogcatching than the bunch of hefty guys, especially when it came to catching little, agile dogs. So, this idea is to use a trained dog to help catch stray dogs.

Some dogs might be able to herd other dogs, some might just knock them down and hold them for the dogcatchers. The training shouldn't be difficult. Dogs are certainly available. I'm not a dog expert, so I'm not going to suggest methods. Foxhunts through the city should be avoided, obviously.

I did a couple of quick internet searches, and found nothing like this idea. I did find that a dog with enough attitude can make other dogs roll over and play dead. That could work well, even if it isn't as funny as two fat guys getting tangled up in their own nets.

baconbrain, Apr 28 2006


       Judas dogs?
normzone, Apr 28 2006

       You could also hire crazy people to catch unlawful police officers.
phundug, Apr 28 2006

       gonna vote for this now and read it in the morning <sniff>
po, Apr 28 2006

       Alligators might work better. They'll also dispose of the mutts in an environmentally friendly manner.
ldischler, Apr 28 2006

       Uhh.... how would they find strays? Would they try to smell the stray's posterior? My dog already does that.
croissantz, Apr 28 2006

       ...on the next episode of Dog,The Bounty Hunter.   

       //how would they find strays?// The dogs would accompany the human dogcatchers, and probably operate under direction, like other working dogs. I suppose they could be trained to sniff posterior on command, although communicating the information gathered back to the handlers might be difficult. "Okay, Fido, ready, sniff . . . wait for it, Boy . . . ARSE! Good boy!" "Whine, whine." "Chief, Fido says that mutt's been eating stale Alpo. It smells like that crazy lady down on Pine has been putting food out again."   

       I've been told that I overlooked using more than one dog at a time, and also forgot about using non-violent means. I suppose a trap could be set up using a female dog in season as the bait, or just any little yappy dog that all right-thinking dogs would want to kill.
baconbrain, Apr 29 2006

       //Foxhunts through the city should be avoided, obviously.// Except on the Annual Stray Roundup Day, when dogcatchers would don foxhunting costumes and ride horses borrowed from (a) police (b) racetrack or (c) riding stables. Imagine the spectacle of fifty dogcatching dogs swarming through downtown! Film at eleven.
SledDog, Apr 29 2006

       We don't have dogbones at hb, so here's a bun. [+]
kuupuuluu, May 02 2006

       Can you really herd dogs?
Dub, May 07 2006

       Slightly easier than herding cats, I guess.
methinksnot, May 07 2006

       I'm all for working dogs. Will you be equipping them with your patented stereo smelling system?
ye_river_xiv, Mar 04 2007


       how about a remote-controlled taser bone?   

       maybe a trained bait-cat?   

       rc heli with dart gun?   

       or combo: heli drops taser-bone bearing bait cat in path of stray canine. while dog is taser frying and cat is sucking its tail in a feline fetal-pose, chopper hovers in and darts dog.   

       hmmm... actually, if this were a job, i'd do it for free.
TIB, Mar 05 2007

       May lead to dog fights.
Noexit, Mar 05 2007

       //Foxhunts through the city should be avoided, obviously.//   

       What's so obvious about that?
nomocrow, Oct 29 2007

       Have you ever tried putting a saddle on a Hyundai?   

       [21], good point about the cruelty. I never thought of cruelty nor intended any. I was thinking of retrievers and other dogs that could work gently without biting. I certainly wasn't planning to have any blood released.   

       And yes, Animal Control is out of control.
baconbrain, Oct 29 2007

       Dogs are social animals and strays often go around in packs. Nature dictates that the position of alpha male of the pack is fought over. If you train a dog simply to come home with other dogs, you can send him out to join a group, become alpha male and bring them back to his ever increasing uberpack.   

       Most strays would happily follow a bold male. Fighting would be inevitable with some dogs, but a natural part of doghood, and if the violence was deemed unacceptable, the dog could be trained to not pick a fight with foaming junkyard dogs, but rather remember their location and get the handler.   

       I imagine this dog as having some kind of identification, marking him as a trained friendly dog that can also get children out of mine shafts.   

       // Can you really herd dogs? // Herd 'em? They never shut up.
marklar, Oct 30 2007

       If that's the case, how do packs form?   

       "Yous boys smell something funny? I smells poik"
marklar, Oct 30 2007

       How would the dogs be trained to check for out of date Rabies tags?
ServoMan314, Jun 26 2008

       Hope the cold's better, [po].
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Mar 09 2009

       Idea Combine: Dogatching Dogs with Crowd control bears... DOGCATCHING BEARS!! [+]
xxobot, Mar 10 2009

       21Quest your so delicate!   

       Would human dogcatchers be more successful if they dressed up as dogs? Somehow it would seem inappropriate to attempt dog catching not dressed like one, less than the correct amount of dog respect.
vfrackis, Mar 10 2009

       //Just because a dog got out of its yard does not mean it deserves to have a vicious police dog sicced on it. // And yet, when a human being is homeless, then it's perfectly OK to have police dogs sicced on him?   

       Dogs have been trained to herd sheep without injuring them, and a female doesn't need any training to attract males in a normally harmless fashion. Surely some way to assist the clumsy men with nets in a humane manner is possible. Maybe it's not probable, but it should be possible.
ye_river_xiv, Mar 11 2009

       I once used my dog to catch a semiferal puppy that got dropped off in our neighborhood. It worked like a charm. The puppy growled at me less after he saw my dog was OK with me. When the puppy tried to make a break for it, I told my dog to go get him and he did, and brought him back.   

       I voted for this when I saw it initially. It is a good idea.
bungston, Mar 11 2009


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