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disturbance app for mobile phone.

not everything requires a 911 or 000 response
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It's an app for Android and ios iPhone, that allows bystanders to report disturbances that had not yet reached emergency stage.

A press of a button will send a gps alert that would alert any inactive or patrolling police on duty to investigate a potential event and hopefully prevent it from escalating to an emergency.

It will also urge the user to document the event using a camera, and urge the user to voluntarily submit the video as potential evidence.

mofosyne, Mar 27 2011


       Like this one. One place I lived had student apartments across the street, and occasionally the late parties devolved into shouting matches, and more than once into fights. It's never clear at what point to call the police, the fight obviously, but if there were a non-emergency indicator prior to that, it would be useful.
MechE, Mar 27 2011

       Well I guess you can also optionally add a 5 star severity levels for the gps alerts. Much like say the 5 star notoriety score in the video game GTA
mofosyne, Apr 10 2011


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