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Force-feedback pool cue

just a little down and to the left
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This idea is based on the force-feedback input devices for computers. The cue stick would contain a force-feedback mechanism that would guide the player's aim toward a better angle for making the shot.

There would be a GPS-like system, only just pool-table-wide. It could be mounted on the ceiling, perhaps. It would detect the positions of the various balls on the pool table, the location of each pocket and all rails, and the location, level, and angle of the cue stick.

When the system detected that the player was aiming badly, it would engage the force feedback in the cue stick to encourage the player to change the direction or angle of the cue.

A few of us at the local bar thought something like this would be a good idea.

Alternatively, we could practice.

figmeant, May 27 2007

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       How about a ceiling mounted laser that shows you where you should shoot? I think they did this on an episode of Quantum Leap.
marklar, May 27 2007

       That would provide a sighting line, but in my case, I can visualize the line OK. The problem is how to get the cue stick correctly angled to have the cue ball actually follow that line. For this, I could use a little nudge from the cue stick itself, e.g., reminding me to hold the back end of the stick a little lower and to the left.
figmeant, May 27 2007


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