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Different-tasting news items

Items of news which taste and smell different according to their tone
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Print a newspaper or magazine in various different inks which smell and taste different. For instance, a news item about the oceans, shipping or an attempt at the world land speed record could taste salty, a cutesy "and finally" item could taste sweet, a cynical item or one on homelessness or poverty could be bitter and a satirical item could be sour. A recipe could have every ingredient printed in a different tasting and smelling ink, a piece on gardening could include the smells of the flowers and an item on astronomy could smell like outer space.

This would revive the printed word for a while.

nineteenthly, Jan 11 2010


       I can think of a few bitter rags and I don't even want to think what the "Sunday Sport" will smell like...
Jinbish, Jan 11 2010

       The Daily Mail - the smell of middle class fear!
gnomethang, Jan 11 2010

       Great! That's really intriguing. I've heard outer space smells like steak and hot metal... thought I'd like it to smell like strawberries...
Inyuki, Jan 12 2010


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